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Guess it depends. she might still care about you but not be interested in a relationship. this is kind of a vague question.

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Q: How do you know if she's still interested?
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Is larisa latynina alive?

Yeah shes still alive from what I know but shes 76

I met this girl at a party last night she gave me her number but i don't know if she's interested or not how do i know if she was interested?

im a girl so i should know. shes obviously interested if she gave u her #

How to know if the guy is still interested in you after you disappoint him?

Ask him. That is the only way to truly know if the person in question is still interested in you.

How do you know if an ex is still interested?

ask them

Why does ex contact you after break up?

maybe he / she still has feelings for you, still interested in you, or hes / shes just curious of how lifes going for you after your breakup.

Why are people still interested in castles?

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She broke it off this week we still talk on the phone like friends how can i know if she is still interested?

If she were still interested she would have never broke it off.

How do you know if a girl is interested in girls?

you know when a girl is interested in girls by the way she talks and acts. and by the way she treats the guys. if she pushes away the guys is cause shes interested in girls, you might sometimes find them staring at others girls(checking them out)

How do you know when a shy girl is not interested?

Im a shy girl and this boy behind me tryes to make me laugh. When I fake laugh I make a small but ocword smile. Plus if when u try to talk do her and she looks away or says she has to go alot shes not interested. Im sorry to say but shes not interested

Is a woman flirting if she hides wedding ring with other hand?

Yes. Shes interested in who shes talking to

How can you know if your boyfriend still in love with her ex?

Usually she will flirt with him, or stare at him a lot. And sometimes she will act like shes still with him.

How do you know if she still wants to go out?

If you call her many times, and she says that shes busy shes probably hanging out with another boy. However if she actually goes out with you, that means she still wants too

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