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Do they enjoy spending long periods of time with you, and not just having sex? Do they act interested in knowing your opinions on things, your ideas? Do they share their interests and ideas with you? A superficial relationship tends to have a lot of sex involved, but very little emotional intimacy.

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What did Michael Jackson think of Jermaine Jackson song tickle you fancy?

he loved it. because he loved his brother and he always will.

What did Juliet love about Romeo?

She loved him because her eyes saw his good Looks Romeo loved her because of her eyes and she was sexy

What did Marie Antoinette like?

She loved her children. She loved money and gambling, loved fancy, expinsive things.

To be loved as to love?

to be loved as to love is an old saying. A lady said it to her rappist because he asked her if she loved him. then she was killed because he got mad. but to be loved as to love can be used today just to tell someone how you feel about them.

Why have you got a boyfriend?

Because I like to be loved or liked, and have someone to my own.

Why does doctor who never tell someone that he loved them?

because he knows he can out live them

What do you do if the guy you love is going out with someone else?

You find someone who is available to be loved because this guy isn't.

Why does your boyfriend have a hickey from someone else if he told you he loved you?

He likely lied to you when he said that he loved you, because if he did, he wouldn't be messing around and getting hickey's from others.

What if someone you loved is locked up and you break up with the one you love now because of the one you loved would you get the one you love now back?


Why you like someone?

You like someone because they're hot, or cute, they're nice, and smart, and they are a good person to you. They like you for who you are, not the money you have, or the looks you have. If a boy really loved you and you were ugly and poor, they would still go out with you and be nice to you. Thanks. If you would like to see my website, its-

What do people admire Selena quintilla for?

she was a good singer and everyone loved her. then she die, because someone kill her.

Why did gretzky join hockey?

Because he loved the sport. Because he was really good. Becaused he loved the sport. HE LOVED IT.

Who loved the 1980s?

Because he loved sex.

Do you have loved someone ever?


Are there people in the world with the same faces so that if you lost someone you loved a lot you might meet someone who looked the same?

No one looks exactly the same. There might be some one who looks similar, but they will always be slightly different like blue eyes instead of green.If you did meet someone who looks like your old lover, he likely would be entirely different in every other way and a relationship might very well end in disappointment or worse. I have read novels in which the hero marries the sister or cousin of their true love just because they look alike and nobody ends up happy.Appearance shouldn't matter that much. It would make a relationship worse if you got together with someone that looks like your old loved one, because it would be harder to let go, and you would start to blame them for not being more like your loved one..You should let go and meet new people. It is what's inside that counts.. Why can't people appreciate that more? Appearances aren't everything...

What is the legend of the dragonfly after someone dies?

just because you cant return to ur loved ones dosnt mean your not around them

Is it wrong to like someone because they look like someone you loved?

Yeah it is. Come girlfriend your smarter than this. They might be the persons sister or brother but it still wrong.

Why do you love?

YOU LOVE BECAUSE YOU FEEL THAT YOU HAVE TO BE CLOSE TO SOMEONE IN ORDER TO FEEL WHOLE. ONCE YOU HAVE MEET YOU'RE PERFECT MATCH YOU FEEL AS THOUGH NOTHING COULD EVER MAKE YOYU FEEL GOOD AGAIN?People love because that is what people do. We feel the need to love and to be loved. It has been said countless times that It is better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all.we love because we want someone to trust and when we're lonely we want someone to hug someone to hold someone to cry to without feeling ashamed. We need someone to make us feel important and to make us feel that someone cares for us. learn to live and love.

How do we know Sandy didn't love Soda as much as he loved her in the novel The Outsiders?

becasue he was telling the story and she didnt sound too enthused about it... and she didnt even bother to tell her parentsShe got pregnant by another man. If she loved Soda as much as Soda loved her then she would not have have cheated and gotten pregnant by another man. You do not cheat on someone just because you feel like it. She must of not loved him very much if she went to another man's bed.You can tell that Sandy didn't love Soda as much as he loved her because she went off and slept with someone else. Soda said he wanted to wait because he loved her so much.

How do you get over someone you loved?


Can Satan be loved by someone?

Not any more.

What would you do if the person you loved loved someone else?

You have to accept it. Try to find another person

When someone is trying to get over a loved one with someone else What is it called?


Does loving someone make you happy?

Yes, or being loved by someone else.

Is every one loved?

If even one person is not loved by anyone, the answer to this question must be no. It seems likely that somewhere on earth there is someone who is not loved.