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IF he is not doesnt act like he normally do when he around you than he is confued on wearther or not he loves because you and him could of had a tough relationship and he might be seeing whats out there to see.But there is always a way you can tell someone loves you

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โˆ™ 2006-04-12 19:34:17
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Q: How do you know if someone loves you when you see them holding hands with a girl just once?
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What does it mean when a girl rubs the top part of your hands with their thumb while holding hands?

It means that the girl is enjoying holding hands with you, and they want to keep holding hands because she likes you.

Is it all right to hold hands with a girl and both of us are ten years old and love each other?


How do you know when a someone truly loves you?

a girl truly loves you when she tells you how she feels about you, but it depends. its true love when you can each imagine being in peace while holding each other.

Where do you put your hands when you kiss a girl?

On her cheek, on her hair, on her waist, while holding hands...etc

Do girlfriends like to hold hands?

Yes they do. It is often that the guy is embarrassed and the girl doesn't like this. Holding hands may not seem like a lot but it reassures the girl that you like her and you are not ashamed of being with her. It is intimate as well to hold on to someone else.

What is a song where a guy loves a girl but she loves someone else?

Diary, by the group Bread, is one.

What would you do if you loved a girl and that girl loves someone else?

At her side silently to help her

Does liasioning with her cousins gets you the girl who loves someone else?


Should a girl who is 8 kiss someone she loves in public?


Can a girl be pregnant by shaking hands or hugging someone?


How can you make a girl not love someone?

The simple truth is that you cant control who someone wants to loves or not.

What is a jovi girl?

Someone who loves Bon me! :D

How can things be official for a boy and girl to be together?

dating and possible holding hands hugging and or kissing

How do you make love to a a girl?

You can't make a girl love you.If she loves you she loves you.And if she doesn't,oh well.You can't force someone to love you.

What is the meaning of being taken by someone?

This means that someone loves that boy/girl but they were taken by another person.

If a girl asks you if you love someone she loves you?

Not necessarily, but that is a very likely meaning.

Is brenda song gay?

i dont know but she was holding hands with a girl, i think its just a friendly thing.

What does it mean when a man interlocks his hands with yours?

When a man interlocks his hands with yours it's like holding hands and means he likes you and in a good way, you are his girl. It's showing affection.

What are the top three things that a girl looks for in her guy?

-Someone who is willing to carry on a conversation. -Someone who is cute and compliments her. -Someone who loves her for who she is.

If girl looking at you in class does it mean she loves you?

It means she might be attracted to you, it does not mean she loves cannot love someone without knowing them.

How can you attract a girl when she loves someone else?

taking her away from someone else she loves isn't a good idea you would seem like the bad person and she may get hurt!!

Am in love with a guy n i dont think he loves me i wana know if he loves me or if deres someone in his life?

Yes, he loves you with all his heart. And he hates that other girl.

Is it OK for one girl and one boy holding hands?

Depends on age... but its natural as long as its not same gender holding hands, and yea don't spy on them like that let them be as long as they don't do stuff like interaction in front of you

What does an girl need from her boyfriend?

Someone that cares enough to find out who she really is & then loves her anyway.

What girl should you have if you have a 7 inch penis?

Someone who loves you. The penis size does not matter.