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This is difficult to say the least. Usually it comes down to whether you both communicate how you feel about each other, your hopes and dreams for the future. When a guy puts the ring on your finger then it's "we're getting married", but, if you're a guy and want to give a girl a ring, you have to go by what has been in your relationship such as: talking over things together, being there for each other, hearing the words "I love you" every so often and nature takes care of the rest. Marcy

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Q: How do you know if someone will marry you?
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How do you know that he will marry me?

You don't know that someone will marry you. If you have dated for over a year and he hasn't proposed, it is time to start setting some boundaries. He may be motivated to marry you soon.

How do you know if you should marry someone?

When you don't have to ask other people how you know. Sorry

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You never know, but if 80% of what you are looking for is there and the other 20% isn't dangerous or unpleasant, then you are close. Make sure you check out his parents and his relationship with them. When you marry someone, you marry his/her family.

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What do preachers say to marry someone?

Will you marry me?

How old apart do you have to be to marry someone in the UK?

You have to be 18 to legally marry someone in the UK.

Is it illegal to marry someone younger than you in Ohio?

Um.. I don't know anything about Ohio law, but logically one of you has to be younger than the other. Therefore I don't see how it could be illegal to marry someone younger.

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You cannot marry someone who is already married, someone who is closely related to you by blood or (in some jurisdictions) someone who is of the same gender as you.

Why marry someone when you know you still have strong feelings for someone else and you think they love you too?

To waste your time I guess, if you already know these things then that would be pretty silly thing to go ahead with that.

How you will react if someone says 'I love you'?

I don't know how you will react. But in my opinion, If someone says 'I love you', i will ignore him. My parents will decide who will i marry ? It's their wish. If i'm in love with anyone, i will say to my parents. If my parents didn't like him. I won't marry him.

Can you get married to someone if you have a domestic partnership with someone else?

If you are just living with someone (common law) and you want to marry someone else then you can legally marry the other person.

How do you know if a guy will marry you?

When he asks you to marry him.

Can someone legal marry someone illegal in the us?


Who do you think will marry me?


Can you marry someone at 16 years?

You are not allowed to marry until you can spell it.

Can you sue someone who promiced to marry you and later said he will not marry you?


On The Urbs sims can you marry someone?

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