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How do you know if something is funny?


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You laugh or other people laugh. Or it makes u feel good inside =]


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Bet him that you can beat him at something then find something you know he'll never be able to do (: its soo funny

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when it wont start or when something sounds funny

I don't know it just comes natrually.

Think of something that is funny!

Make him a sandwich. Answer Do something special for him that you know he will like. say something sweet, cute but funny to him

Fun is something you enjoy. Funny is something you laugh at.

Kittens are funny to watch. Kilts are funny looking clothes.

P.S. i am the last person to walk across the stage and want to do something funny but i dont know what to do

Jokes do not have to be funny. But if they are not funny, they are not really jokes! There are bad jokes and there are good jokes. Good jokes are better. Bad jokes can be embarrassing........It would be interesting if someone could tell us what makes something funny, but there not be an answer to that. You just have to know it when you see it, I guess!

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A laugh track signals to the audience that something is supposed to be funny.

WikiAnswers doesn't know you or your friends! You need to write about your own life -- pick something funny that happened and just pretend you are talking about it to someone else.

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well that i know her legs can be hurt or sometimes they do it for attetion or snacks

funny question its kinda something with the claws and the bottom of the crab i am a scientist so i know!

I know I try SOO hard to be SOO funny. Doesn't this look funny? Ha ha I know right? I don't know why I'm doing it. I think it just looks funny. Okay TMI I know.

something to do that funny

try to dont laugh when something funny, if you dont think about it, the memories will fade away

If he always looks at you when he says something funny then he is looking for your reaction and acknowledgment of his joke.

A funny story is a story that is funny and humors u. You know HA HA HA!! Yeah I know. I'm so smart

Something that is humorous or comical. Can also refer to a food that has gone bad. Also means something that is odd or peculiar, such as--> "He is a funny guy." or "That's funny, it was supposed to rain today."

I don't know for sure, but I think it has something to do with the number of sectors in a dvd. Hey! Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side! Ha ha, funny stuff, funny stuff.

He did something that had to do with bacon... this was the answer that i saw BEFORE I improved it.... why cant people not answer it if they dont know the answer? its not funny

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