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If a guy likes you but you don't know him he may look at you or walk by you whenever possible.

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What does it mean when a guy keeps glancing at you?

It might me he likes you I dont know; a guy i like glanced at me too

What do you do if your close to a guy friend but you know if he likes you?

It depends. If you like him then everything's perfect!! If you don't like him, then dont let him know that you know that he likes you. It'll ruin the friendship!

What do you do when a guy likes you and you dont like him but you like this other dude that possibly likes you?

You should tell the guy who likes you that you don't like him, but not until you ask the guy who you like if he likes you.

What if a guy likes you but you don't like him?

if a guy likes you but you dont like him, tell him your not in to him and say sorry.

What does it mean if a guy who likes you dreams about you?

i dont know really but i do know if you like a guy if you cant talk to him just write a note

What does it mean when the guy you like tells you who he likes?

he likes you to or is flirting he may like u but telling u notyourself so you dont know he likes u

You really like this guy and he always stares at you and smiles at you but you dont know if he likes you back?

well of course he likes you. im a guy and i have done something like that before. its always obvious that he likes you if he does that alot.

How do you know if this guy brendon likes you?

what is he like i dont know him.... does he look at you a lot is he interested in your conversations does he talk to you in public

How to find whether the guy like you or not if you dont know him and he stares at you?

According to me he likes you but is afraid of saying to you

How do you talk to a guy you like but dont know if he likes you?

Be bold and ask him out on a date. Do something fun!

You like a guy who doesn't like me and I don't like a guy who really likes you?

u can just tell the guy who likes u u dont like him and the guy u do like keep trying he might just like u but doesnt know it yet

How do you know if the guy likes you but doesn't talk to you?

well, you obviously dont know. but you do know if he DOES LIKE YOU because he likes it when you mess up and stuff. so be on the lookout girlfriend.

How do you kniw if a guy you dont know likes you?

you need to clarify how you know who he is

How do you know if the guy you like likes you and is intimidated by you?

if he tries to avoid you. Dont take me wrong or anything, haha but sometimes guys do this when they are shy and dont know what to do.

What do you do if you like a guy and you don't know if he likes you but 2 other guys like you?

try to find out if the guy you like likes you back. if he doesnt and you like one of the other 2 guys that like you then youll have a better chance with that person if you dont like the 2 guys and the guy you like dont like you then theres nothing you can do.

What will a guy do if he likes you?

I guess he will tell you, or he will act like he likes you for example if he looks at you like he likes you. He could stare at you a lot. Just ask him, I hate when girls like me and I dont know :p

Does the guy you like like you back?

If a guy likes you he will tell you dont wait around for him to finally realize how great you are go for the guy you know likes you hes the real keeper. especially if hes bold enough to tell you.

A guy doesn't like you but he acts like it?

If he acts like he likes you, and doesn't admit it, it's probably just denial. They just dont want you knowing that they like you. I know this guy that acts like he likes me, but totally denys it.

How do you know when a guy likes you if he comes over to your house?

I dont know excactly but i have guy friends over a lot but if he comes over just to be with you alone, then he probably likes you. If you dont know just ask him. :-)

What do you do when you like a guy and you dont know if they like you back?

Ask him out!if you dont ask him out you will never know if he likes you or not.And if he doesnt like you get over it you dont have to sit around all day pouting there are plenty of fishes out in the sea.go for it!

What do you do if you like a guy and dont think he likes you back?

then there is no use in liking him like someone who likes you

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