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Ok girls out there here is some good advice if a guy isn't ready for a relationship he really doesnt like to hang out only with his guy friends with for a fact i know the relation is over!

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What is the definition of juulpe?

there really isnt an answer to it. most people dont know it but all i can tell you is that i dont know anything about egypt

Who is dawn in a relationship with on total drama revenge of the island?

She isnt in a relationship with anyone but fans say her and scott go together or b and her. But they dont go together in the show

Was Mary Tudor really that mean?

i dont think so because she was really true to her faith. And for her religion she isnt supposed to kill people in anger.

What is the ratio of the opposite leg to the hypotenuse in a right triangle?

i really dont know...isnt it normal to eat bloody tampons

Is the Mottw and bailey castle haunted?

thats funny isn't it no it isnt not dont no isnt haunted

How do i get all a's in school?

Practise, and revise really hard Revise everyday put your soul into it. Listen in school time, dont chat with mates DONT CHEAT. IT ISNT THE ANSWER!

Why won't my boyfriend kiss me?

Maybe He Just Isnt Ready. Take A Stand U Try And Kiss Him If He Pulls Away Dont Be Offended Just Ask Him Whats On His Mind .

Why is it healthy?

no it isnt, you dont even know what "it" is. k?

Is charlie from bustard dead?

no he isnt, i dont know where you heard that. And its *busted* but no he isnt, i think he was in an accident not major though.

What does it mean when a guy sits next to you?

he may like you there really isnt enough information in this question but if you dont know him say hi and introduce yourself.

What if a guy likes you but you dont like him back what do you say to him?

What you say is I really like you only as a friend. That he's a great guy and all but it isnt meant to be.

Is aamir khan wife is Muslim?

i really dont know i came here to find out appearantly wiki answers isnt helping lol :) ~knmbpgesns

Do bearded dragons shed?

bearded dragons do shed, there skin goes gray/white and after a while it starts to shed!! but DONT PULL IF OF IT IT ISNT READY TO! IT CAN CORSE EXTREMILY BAD PAIN FOR THE LIZARD!!

When and where will the next beyblade tournament will be hold?

i dont no? dont ask me! this website isnt to get answers or anything! is it?!

How do you beat tron on Kingdom Hearts?

you dont as he isnt an enemy

What if you cannot lose weight and you are 12 years old?

You cant lose weight. Im 13 but i tried it when i was 12 myself. I tried it for a long time and you cant really do it because your metabolism is really low and your body isnt ready for it yet. Thats why you dont see many people who are 12 going around saying "i lost 35 lbs" :)

What are the effects of hallucinations?

Dizziness and you have a hard time seeing where your going. Youn dont see very well. You might see an object that is in your way but it really isnt.

Should I go to the ball?

I dont really know anyone to ask that isnt already taken. I know some people who are going alone but they are not exactly "cool".

Does fungus make food?

i dont no but WHY ISNT PEOPLE ANSWER THE QUESTIONS WE NEED IT FOR SCHOOL but i think it is NO! well i dont no but it is NO!

About The Battle of The Alamo?

That isn't really a question. that isnt really a question my butt

Why is ford better then Chevy?

It isnt. Dont believe the idiot that told you that.

What is 5d movies?

REALLY? even 4D movie$ dont exist BEACAUSE WE LIVE IN A 3 DIMENSIONAL WORLD so what makes you think there is a 5D movie when there isnt even a 4D movie they dont exist DUH

What is the use of Energy?

there isnt really any use

What types of plants do cats not like to eat?

orcids bushes trees flowers roses anything that isnt grass they really dont like to eat besides cat nip

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