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the term for this is reject. not eject. and if it seems to be migrating downward or outward then its rejecting. take it out. theres no way to stop this.

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When the rocket goes up why does it separate?

When model rockets get to the apogee of flight they separate or eject the nose cone to release the parachute that will let the rocket down without breaking it.When model rockets get to the apogee of flight they separate or eject the nose cone to release the parachute that will let the rocket down without breaking it.

This astronomer had a metal nose?

Tycho Brahe

How do you know if you have MRSA in your nose?

a runny nose.

What bad guy has a metal nose?

Only one I know of from the fictional Star Trek TNG holonovels of Dixon Hill, and the character is called Nicky The Nose. He makes an appearance in Star Trek First Contact:

How long does it take for a kittens nose to heal after bumping into metal?

The amount of time for a kittens nose to heal after getting injured on metal will depend on the severity of the injury. Usually, if the injury was not bad, the nose should heal within a week.

Do you breath through your nose when sleeping?

Yes you do because when you are trying to go to sleep you breath through your nose.

Does your nose run on you or do you run on your nose?

Your nose runs on you, you know, nose gunk. And if you ran on your nose then you wouldn't be able to breath through it!

What is the name of the western comedy in which Lee marvin's nose is shot off and replaced with a metal nose?

Cat Ballou

What metal is used in manufacturing rocket nose cones?


What is Major Kovaloff’s nose doing when it is caught?

trying to escape to the city of riga

Does nose know best?

beacouse nose knowes best

How do you know where the nose of your skateboard is?

the nose is bigger than the tail

Why do people have nose jobs?

people have nose jobs if thety have hit there nose very hard and the bone has bent. I don;t know how to do a nose job or how it works but i know that it is fixible.

Stud nose ring you cant see the metal end of the nose ring inside of your nose you want to take it out but you cant get it out what can you do?

look in a mirrior or if you really have to ask for help

How do you numb your nose?

If your trying to pierce your nose yourself, don't! Get it done professionally, doesn't hurt that bad and it's quick!

How do you know if you have staph in your nose?

you have to ask your doctor to do a nose swab and have it cultured.

How much are the red nose day climber trying to raise?


How much money are Red Nose climbers trying raise?


Why is your dog trying to blow her nose?

Becasue she has something in it or she simply has to sneeze

Where did Tyco Brahe Live in?

He lived in a castle on a small island. I think he lived near Denmark, although that's just a guess on my part. Did you know his nose was made out of metal?

How does a dust mite breathe?

dust mite breathe from their nose like everyone else does.. we dont know how many nose they have but we know they have a nose..........................................i think..............i think you people sholud go figure it out. I know, I have a PhD in Physics.

What should you blow your nose on?

You should blow your nose into a tissue then bin it so you do not spread any germs. In other cases, if your trying to blow your nose after a nose bleed, get a tissue, put on your bleeding nostril with no pressure and lean forward.

What happens if a hamster sneezes?

It's prob trying to get something out of it's nose.

How do you know your nose is there?

look in a mirror

How do you know if your nose is broken?


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