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congruent figures are the same shape and the same size while similar figures are the same shape but different sizes and it doesn't matter which way the shape is facing

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no because if they are conmgruent then they are similar

Congruent means two figures have exactly the same shape and size. If the shape is identical, but not the size , two figures are similar.

Similar means they are of the same shape but not necessary the same size. two figure are congruents when they are of the same shape and size. congruent figures can be similar but not similar figures aren't always congruent

Yes, congruent means same size and shape.

They are congruent if they are identical in shape and size.

Two congruent geometric figures have the same shape and the same size, whereas two similar geometric figures have the same shape but they differ in size.

The Definition of Congruent Figures (which is a proof) says that if two figures have corresponding sides congruent and corresponding angles congruent, then the figures are to be congruent.

If two figures are similar or congruent, each angle of the first figure is the same as the corresponding angle of the second figure.In similar figures, the ratio of each side in the first figure to the corresponding side in the second figure is a constant. If the figures are congruent, that ratio is 1: that is, the corresponding sides are of the same measure.

because if you shrink or grow a similar figure, it would be congruent.

No. Two figures are similar if they have same shape, and all the angles are equal; but they can have the sides of different sizes. I mean, similar figures may have different sizes, but must have the same shape.

They look the exact same if you are not sure measure them and see

Yes. Congruence implies similarity. Though similarity is not enough for congruence.

If the scale factor is 1. That is, if a pair of corresponding sides are the same length.

Two figures are congruent when they have the exact same angles within them. However, one of the figures might be blown up or shrunk. (Just not Skewed/Stretched).for example: Ais congruent tobut isn't congruent toASince it's slanted (skewed).=== === == == == ==

Congruent means that two figures have the same shape. Non-congruent means they don't. There is no "similarity"; two non-congruent figures can be just about anything, for example a square and a circle.

When two figures are similar it means that its the same size and length and that they both have same features in other words it means that its congruent.Simply put :they have the same shape, same angles and proportional side lengths.

No. If they are congruent they must be similar. The reverse is not true, though.

No. You can have two triangles that are congruent to one another, and two quadrilaterals that are congruent to one another. But the triangle cannot be similar to the quadrilateral!

No. A triangle is similar to one that is twice its size but the two are not congruent.

no, they could be different size but same shape and be similar but not congruent.

No, they are similar. They may be congruent, but they need not be.