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Wait a few days and if you don't get your regular period test again. If you get a positive result or still get a negative with no period within a few more days go see your dr as soon as possible.

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Q: How do you know if you're pregnant if your period is late but your test says negative?
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How do you know if you are pregnant when your test is negative and you have no period?

you go to the doctor...

How do you know when youre pregnant when your period is irregular?

You would know if you're pregnant by taking a pregnancy test. A pregnancy test can be taken from two weeks after intercourse and doesn't require you to know when your period should have started.

Can you tell if youre pregnant by your body temperature?

No. There are many reasons for change in body temperature. Even when you have a period you might feel flushed. The only way to know if your pregnant is to get a test

What does it mean when you had your period 3 times in a month and is that a miscarriage?

If you know you are pregnant and you've had youre period three times in a month there is probably somthing wrong. As far as i know women do not get their periods throughout the pregnancy.

How do you know if pregnant?

You will know if you are pregnant if you miss your period.

How do you know youre pregnant before you miss a period?

youlll either get reallly bad sickness or feel really crap. if you suspecty you are then wait and see if it comes. although some people still get ther period wen pregnant.

How do you know if your pregnant if you have your period for 2-3 days?

If you have period you are not pregnant.

I had 2 period last month how will i know if I am pregnant?

i had 2 period last month how will i know if i iam pregnent?

Can you still get pregnant with no period?

from what i know you can

How do you know if your pregnant if you just got your period a week ago?

sweetie when your pregnant, you don't get your period!!! so if you got your period, you aren't pregnant!!!

Can a woman lactate while on her period?

This is a weird question...If you think you are lactating then that means youre least 9 months pregnant. There is no way to be pregnant and have a period. Like i said...weird question. Bl4ckr0s3 ~ Well honestl yes it can happen. I had my period for 6 months while i was pregnant with my first child. I also was lactating. So yes it is possible, most just really don't know it apparently.

Can you still be pregnant if your period came early and pregnancy test came negative?

A woman that I know tested negative when she took a name brand test when she was over a month pregnant. It wasn't until she was 2 months pregnant that it showed up as a positive result. So, I would say, "yes" some people do test negative while they are pregnant.

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