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If you mean you had sex 4 days ago,you can't know if you are pregnant Take a pregnancy test you can buy at a drugstore You shouldn't "feel" any different if you are 4 days pregnant There is no way to know for sure until you miss a menstrual cycle without having A pregnancy test


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It is possible that you could be pregnant, take a test to know for sure

The earliest is 10 days after ovulation, but if it is negative try again 4 days later.

Not really. The hormones are not high enough after 4 days. Wait to a missed cycle to take a test.

At least 4 weeks. Missing a period is the first sign.

Most women will never know that they are pregnant at 5 days.

well you would know cus if you didnt use a condom or take the pill afetr then you are most likely to be pregnant

6 months 2 weeks and 4 days 6 months 2 weeks and 4 days

well from what i hear its 5 days but maybe you are take a test and then you will know

There is no way u can kno if your just a couple days pregnant.

It is unlikely that you are pregnant if you have had a period

Yes, if you have seen signs of pregnancy after unprotected sex you can be four days pregnant.

What date did you post this, are you 12 weeks and 4 days pregnant on the 17th january 2010?

You know that you might be pregnant after you have had sex at a fertile time. The start of pregnancy is two or three days after the sex, and nothing indicates that you are definitely pregnant for many days after that.

A cat is pregnant for about 65 days

4 weeks and 3 days pregnant but slept with three men in a month?

It normally takes about 2-4 weeks to know if your pregnant or not.

PEOPLE don't know this but about 65 days that there pregnet

Yes you can. You can get pregnant at any time unless you are already pregnant.

Yes. You'll know in about 3 days whether or not you are pregnant.

It takes fourteen days (two weeks) to determine if you are pregnant with a home pregnancy test.

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