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Dumb? Or Perhaps Not!First of all, everyone has different learning abilities and areas that they are very good in, as well as subjects that they have a difficult time understanding. This is true for everyone. It doesn't matter if you have mental handicaps, a "normal" intelligence level, or are a genius. For someone to be dumb, it would mean that they have no ability to learn anything and no areas in which they excel. Except for a very small percentage of the population who have extremely severe mental handicaps, that is simply not possible. If you are reading this, you are not in that small percentage of the population.

Taking it a little farther, it's important for people to know what areas they excel in and those that they might consider themselves to be dumb, or a better word is weak, in. If you attempt to excel in areas that you have a difficult time understanding, it's more likely that you will end up feeling like you are dumb, so concentrate on what you are good at and work to excel in those areas. That doesn't mean that you totally ignore your weak areas because you actually can learn in them, too.

So, it's really not a case of knowing if you are dumb. It's a case of finding the areas that you have the greater abilities in. If anyone tells you any differently or calls you dumb, they are simply mistaken.

PS no one can be dumb. Everyone knows their name so just if you dont know what pie is but you know your name then your not dumb. Plus no one can be dumb just cuz you dont know a math problem or something.
you know your dumb, when you cant spell KNOW.

and your name is dawson

you can take a quiz. there are a lot out there. and I'll give you some advice, learn to spell correctly. it'll help you a lot later in life. unless you are already grown.

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