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There is only one place to put it. If it is comfortable it is probably in the right place. Get to know your body, look in the mirror, have a feel.

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Q: How do you know if you are putting the tampon in the right place?
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Is ther a video of an actual person putting in a tampon?

I'm sure that there are videos of an actual woman inserting a tampon, but this would be a very specific type of pornography so not easy to find. If you need to see how to insert a tampon then there are many videos on YouTube explaining how to do this and using fake vagina's to show you how. Tampon use is not so complicated that you need a video to know how to do it.

Would the man know if you have a tampon in when he inserts finger?

Yes, a man would know if you have a tampon in when he inserts his fingers into your vagina. He would be able to feel the tampon inside the vagina.

How do you insert a tampon for the first time without it hurting?

Alright, I'm going to answer this because I am extremely happy I don't have to wear pads anymore and I just efficiently used my first tampon and I want to help others. First, make sure you know where your vagina is. Get the tampon opened and ready (after you washed your hands) and you HAVE to RELAX. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly and think of something happy and calm. To be honest, I tried the one leg on the toilet seat thing but it didn't work for me. I eventually ended up on my back on the floor with my legs spread out. Start feeling around with the tampon.. I know this sounds weird, but you'll understand why once you try. If you try putting the tampon in and it just "pops" back out, you haven't found the right hole. It happened to me. So feel around and aim the tampon back towards your waist a tiny bit and there should feel like ANOTHER hole in your vagina. If you find it the tampon slides right in really easily. I really hope this helps!!

How do you know where a tampon goes?

A tampon goes into the vagina - the hole where the blood is coming out, the only hole where the tampon would fit other than the anus. If a woman is menstruating she should know where her vagina is located, if not then she should learn more about her anatomy before considering tampon use.

How do you know if you have a tampon stuck in you?

Tampons cannot get stuck inside your body, you can forget about having inserted a tampon but that doesn't mean that it's stuck. If you suspect you may have left a tampon inside your vagina then you feel within the vagina for the tampon and remove it. Once you remove the tampon use pads for the rest of that cycle, and if you can't remove the tampon you need to see your doctor.

How do you enter your gmail when you know your password but it says you changed it?

well you are putting the wrong password . try putting the right password

How do you know if you have a tampon in?

You know that you have a tampon in because you physically inserted that tampon! If you think that you've forgotten about a tampon being inserted then you insert your fingers vaginally to check if there is still a tampon there. If you've left a tampon for too long then use pads for the rest of your cycles and watch for symptoms of vaginal infections like bad-smelling excessive discharge.

How do you know if a tampon is stuck?

You know a tampon is stuck because you wouldn't be able to get it out - that's what stuck means! If you can't remember if there is a tampon in your vagina then you can insert your fingers vaginally to feel if there is still a tampon inside your vagina. As long as you're relaxed the tampon should come out, a bath and/or masturbation can make removal easier, but if you do find you can't remove the tampon then you should see your doctor as if left too long it can be very dangerous.

How do you know if you have a tampon inside of you?

You can reach up inside of you with your fingers and see if you can feel it (and if so pull it out). Having a tampon inside you for too long can make you very sick and is considered an emergency. If you have any doubt you should see a doctor right away.

Can you get pregnant with tampon in but no intercourse just sexual contact?

If you are asking if a tampon with semen on it can get you pregnant, then I don't know but my suggestion is not to put and inseminated tampon in your vagina. If having a tampon in and having sex is your can't do that without causing severe pain and vaginal damage. Other than

How put on a tampons?

First you want to get to know your body and know where to actually put a tampon in. once you found where to put it you want to put your pointer finger and your thump on the part of the tampon where its indented and its at the bottom of the big part of the tampon. Then angle in towards your back slightly but not straight towards your back. Start putting your tampon in and do it slowly to make sure its going in and it won't hurt. You wont feel anything, once your pointer finger and thumb touch your skin you take the bottom or skinny part of the tampon and push it up towards you until it huts the biggest part of the tampon thats inside you. Then you simply take the plastic part out and leave the actually tampon in. There will be a string that will be visible and that is supposed to happen. When you take it out you want to angle it away from you a little bit and down towards the floor, then just pull it out. You will feel pressure and it will be very weird but you get used to it. Don't go super slow while taking it out but dont rip it out of you.

Can you put a tampon in your anus?

You could physically put a tampon in your anus, but you shouldn't.Tampons are supposed to be inserted vaginally, if attempting to insert a tampon for it's intended purposes then you should know where the vaginal opening is located so know not to insert into the anus. You will also be able to feel if you are accidentally inserting the tampon into the anus.

How do you know if your tampon is all the way in?

You know that the tampon is all the way in because nothing will be showing outside your vagina, except tampon strings if you're using a tampon with strings. If you feel pain when you move about or sit down then the tampon isn't in high enough. All you need do if it's not inserted high enough is push it the rest of the way, and next time know how far you'll need to push it into your vagina.

You buy it white you use it red and you dwell it black?

A TAMPON you know

You know where a tampon goes but you can still see it what do you need to do?

If you can still see the tampon once it's inserted then you've not inserted it far enougj. Remove the tampon and try again later, this time insert higher - it's best to use non-applicator tampon so you have better control over insertion.

How do you know when your tampon is in right that you would not bleed?

Tampons should be inserted as far as you can comfortably reach or until the applicator plunger is all the way in, once in position you should not feel any significant discomfort - if it hurts to sit or move then the tampon isn't in high enough, push in further or remove and try again in a few hours. As long as the tampon is in the vagina and used correctly you shouldn't leak.

How do u put a tampon on?

You don't put a tampon on, you put a tampon in your vagina. All tampon packages include instructions which are far easier to follow than trying to read answers from your screen. Tampon insertion is really not complicated, as long as you're relaxed and use correct absorbency you just insert into your vagina as far as it will do - make sure you know precautions such as when to change.

What you should wear to know you have your period?

A tampon and a pair of dark wash jeans

I'm terrified to put a tampon in so I need help?

It's not that terrible. Trust me.It will be less terrifying if you use plastic tampons. cardboard ones are much more uncomfortable. Make sure your flow is heavy so it doesn't hurt when you pull it out because if you have a dried bloody tampon it'll hurt!There is only one comfortable place to put in your tampon. Don't try putting it into your poo hole. it would be very bothering to put it in the pee hole, so there must be one right in the middle!Relax. To make it fast, pull the tampon out of the plastic tube just a tiny bit so you can take out the plastic tube faster. when you know the whole tampon is in, gently pull out the plastic tube.It's okay if you don't get it in the first time. It may take at least 3 tries the first time you try it.You're pretty much done! don't keep your tampon on for more than 8 hours. The average is about 1 - 3 hours. just pull the string out slowly.

Where does the tampon go in the genital area?

The tampon goes into the vagina, which is where the blood is coming from. If you don't know basic genital anatomy then you should not be using tampons as there is no way you know how to use tampons correctly or understand the risks involved in tampon use. Use pads for now and spend some time learning the basics of your anatomy before considering tampon use.

If you have adenomyosis will there be pain when you insert a tampon?

Hey there. I have adenomyosis as well as endometriosis. Personally, I found that it hurts to insert a tampon, though I know someone with it that does not have that problem. I think it depends where your growths are. Also, if you're sexually active, if it hurts to have sex, chances are a tampon will hurt as well, given of course that a tampon is much smaller haha Hope this helps!

How do you connect a logic gates to bread board?

Try to familiarize with the pin that the gate has. Know the right connection of your Integrated Circuit, make a review before putting any wire unto your bread board. Always double check if its in the right place to avoid any short circuit.

How can you get your tampon to go in your vagina?

Depends on how well you know your own anatomy. Squatting over a mirror and having a good look might help, as well as using a tampon that comes with a dispenser. It happens that people try to push the tampon up the urethra instead of the vagina.

Where is Lucy's skeleton now?

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How do you know if you've inserted a tampon correctly?

You will know if you've inserted it the wrong way. It won't feel right, and it won't be comfortable. If you think you've got it wrong, take it out, and start again with a new one. Don't worry about anything. Just be calm, relax, and go for it. We all had to learn, you're not the only one! I hope this information helped.

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