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Way too many people are worried they need to be head over heels about someone early on in a relationship. It generally takes longer than 2 months to get to really know the actual person. People tend to be on their best behavior early in the dating stage, and poor traits and incompatibilities start showing up 3-6 months into a relationship. Instead of worrying if you're in love, why not just take things slow and enjoy yourself?

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Q: How do you know if you are really in love with your boyfriend if you have only been going out for 2 months?
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than its the truth

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If you are ready to get married but your boyfriend of 8 months is not ready to settle down, he just feels that you are going too fast and may be you should just go slow about it.

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When you see the perfect opportunity, don't hesitate.

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A girlfriend can buy her boyfriend something from the store she thinks he's really, really going to like.

Why are girls updating months as status in facebook?

Its most likely how many months that they have been dating their boyfriend

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Don't compare yourself to his ex. That's why they're ex's. If he is going out with you he must like you and in time hopefully love you.

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Just talk to him.. or who ever it is. Get your friends to talk to him. my boyfriend now took two weeks to ask me out and weve been going out for 2 months! all because my friend Ashley made me dance with him at the school dance. (: Hope I helped!! [:

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