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How do you know if you have a dry socket if you feel extreme pain in the hole where the tooth was?

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Extreme pain, bad taste, and rancid smell from the mouth are some symptoms of a dry socket. If you are feeling extreme pain where you have had a tooth extracted you should contact your dentist/doctor for help.

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How do you clean the socket after a tooth extraction?

You should listen to what your dentist told you. You use a syringe to rinse the hole out with saltwater

What is the hole in a tooth?

cavity is the hole in tooth

White and hard substance in the socket after wisdom extraction?

The white, hard substance in the socket after a wisdom tooth extraction is part of the healing process. As the gum heals, a white film will cover the hole.

You just had your wisdom tooth out After 2 days there appears to be quite a substatial hole in your gum through which you can still see some white tooth What should you do?

Of course there is going to be a substantial hole, that's the socket where the tooth was. As for the white you are seeing, that would be part of the jaw bone and was supporting the tooth that is now extracted. Your dentist can remove some of it, if you want but its not necessary!

What is the real name of a hole in a tooth?

"Cary" (one r ) is the real, or, medical, term for a hole in a tooth due to tooth decay. These are commonly referred to as "cavities" however a "cavity" technically can be a hole or depression in anything. A Cary is specifically a hole in a tooth.

When you lose a tooth is there still some bone deep inside the gum?

The root of a tooth extends under the gums and is anchored in your jawbone. When you have a tooth pulled, there is a hole in the jaw where the root of the tooth was. This is called the socket. When the dentist pulls the tooth out, there may be chips of bone left over in the socket. The dentist has to break the tooth away from the jawbone in order to make the tooth loose so it can come out. Sometimes when the dentist pulls the tooth out, the tooth can break and a little bit of the root can be left in the socket. The dentist will try to get this out by drilling down into the jawbone with the drill to loosen the broken tooth root. If the piece of root is too close to the sinus (upper tooth) or jaw nerve (lower tooth), the dentist may decide it is best to leave the piece of root in the jaw.

Why do we get a hole in your tooth?

Eroding away of tooth enamel

What does a tooth cavity look like?

When there is a cavity in a tooth it can look like there is a hole in the tooth. The hole in the tooth may also be discolored, either brown, gray, or black.

Why don't we feel the decay of the enamel in our teeth?

There are no nerves and it's not a living thing so we can't feel it happening right away but we will feel it after its done decaying and done making its hole in the tooth.

A hole in a tooth?

its called a cavity ...

What does a dry socket look like?

It looks like a hole where your blood clot should have formed. Usually, a bit of white can be seen (this is the exposed bone). You will know if you have dry socket due to extreme pain from your mouth up to your ear in most instances and a very bad breath as a result from the empty socket.

What is a cavity in your tooth?

A hole or weak spot in the tooth surface caused by decay.

What does a hole in a tooth mean?

A hole is a cavity, it means that the tooth is rotten or rotted. If you see a hole it is past time to see the dentist. You should also be brushing more often.

I have a hole in my mouth from my wisdom tooth coming through but now that hole has a white line all around it what does that mean?

If you have a hole in the mouth with a white line around where a tooth use to be mean that you have a tooth coming back in. I would go to the doctor and have them check it out.

What is the solution to a hole INSIDE the tooth?

A dentist.

What is it called if you have a hole in your tooth?

it is called a cavity

Your tooth has got a hole on the inside what is it?

a cavity

How do you fix a hole in your tooth?

See the dentist.....

What is used to fill a tooth that has a hole?


What is a tiny hole behind the back of a tooth?

i think you are referring to the lingual fossa.

Should your stitches completely cover the hole from your extracted tooth?

Yes, the stitches would cover the hole where your tooth was extracted. This is to help the gums heal without food getting caught in the hole.

Did t rex have a hole in a hip socket?

no it didn't

How do you kno if you have dry socket?

its painfull swollen reddish and you can see the hole (socket) open fully or partly.

What is dry socket after tooth extraction?

When you get your tooth pulled you have a hole that wind is not allowed to make contact with and if it does it turns into a dry socket which a dry socket is a blood clot. Keep your mouth shut :) Reply: When your tooth is pulled, you get a blood clot. That blood clot is supposed to be there, as it helps the healing process. Problem is, the clot is fragile, and certain things (drinking through a straw, smoking, spitting too forcefully, among others) can dislodge or dissolve it (and sometimes, it can even do it on its' own), and when that clot disappears, your gums take longer to heal, which causes more chance for the hole to get debris, bacteria, food, and irritants into it, which causes severe pain (as those things aren't supposed to be there), and *that* is Dry Socket. Severe pain caused by the loss of the blood clot that helps with the healing process.

A naturally occurring hole in bone or tooth?