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An exam and testing will easily distinguish a yeast infection from an STD. If you have had sex and are having discomfort or discharge, it is important to get tested.
By the colour and smell of the Discharge
The creamy white discharge that many women get monthly is caused by changes in hormone levels, it has very little odor and is not associated with any infection.

Discharge from a yeast infection is very itchy, it can look like cheese and has very little odor.

Some STD's cause a discharge and others don't. Some can cause a burning sensation when you pee and others cause none. The discharge associated with an STD usually is green or yellow and can have a foul odor.

The only way to know if you have an STD is to be tested, the only way you can help prevent getting or giving an STD (if sexually active) is to always use condoms.

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Can you get an STD if you have a yeast infection?

A yeast infection does not turn into an STD, and it doesn't protect you from STDs. You can have both.

Can a yeast infection turn into an STD?

A yeast infection can't turn into an STD. Yeast infections and STDs can be confused if a patient is self-diagnosing, though.

Do you have a std if your vagina is itchy?

It could be a yeast infection or a STD.

Your vagina itches and has lumps and a odor im a vergin so you know its not a std?

yeast infection?

Can a woman get a yeast infection from a man with a yeast infection?

Though Yeast infection is not included in STD- ( Sexually Transmitted Disease), it is transmitted from sexual activity to men and women.

Burning when you pee?

Proabably a yeast infection, or maybe an STD

What kind of STD is like a yeast infection?

Any STD that causes vaginal irritation or itching may be mistaken by a patient for a yeast infection. These STDs may include trichomoniasis or herpes.

Is a yeast infection part of taking adipex?

no a yeast infection is not part of taking adipex. If you are sure it is not a STD and is a yeast infection try one of the OTC drugs.If in doubt go to your doctor.

What do you do to get your vagina to stop itching and burning?

It sounds like a yeast infection. Try an over the counter remedy. Also, there's an "at home" test on the market that lets you know if it's a yeast infection or an STD.

Why do you get internal bumps around the vaginal area?

This can be caused by a yeast infection or a STD.

What might cause vaginal pain swelling and discharge?

an std or yeast infection

Why does your vagina stink if you are clean and do not have an std?

You may have a yeast infection, see your gynecologist.

Are yeast infections an STD?

Yes, yeast infection can be sexually transmitted.Sexual intercourse is but one of the many causes of a yeast infection. Sexual transmission is possible but the other factors may play a bigger part in the yeast infection.It is not considered to be a sexually transmitted disease.

If you have itching and burning around your vagina and there are a few?

Yeast infection or STD. See a doctor.

Is it bad if your discharge smells?

This could indicate a yeast infection, vaginitis, or possibly an STD.

What does it mean when a girl vagaina itches?

This Usually Means You Might Have A Yeast Infection Or You Have An STD.

Is yeast a sign of an STD?

Yeast is not a sign of an STD. A few STDs can have symptoms that are similar to yeast infections, but yeast doesn't signify and STD.

Is there an STD related to a yeast infection?

Patients with advanced HIV may have yeast infections more frequently. However, yeast infections do not cause or become STDs.

How do you get a creamy like substance to stop coming out of your viagina?

Sounds like you might have a yeast infection or an STD. Try Monistat Over the counter for the yeast infection (available at your local pharmacy) But it could definitely be a sign of an STD - go to the gynecologist to check it out.

What can cause painful urination in females?

It could be a STD, UTI, or kidney infection.If it is while she is peeing, it most likely means she has a yeast infection. But, the only way to know for sure is to be checked by a doctor.

What does it mean when a girls private part itches?

Yeast infection most likely. Can also be a STD.

Which std has symptoms similar to a yeast infection?

Both trichomoniasis and herpes can cause genital irritation.

When you have vaginal mucus unlike the kind you experience when ovulating is this a sign of pregnancy?

this can be a possible infection or std such as a yeast infection, get checked by a doctor.

Can you get tested for STDs while being treated for a yeast infection?

Yes, you can get tested for STD's while being treated for a yeast infection. The testing for STD's sis the same as for a yeast infection so you can get both done at the same time, if already using yeast infection treatment this doesn't cause any problems with your STD testing.

What causes vaginal sores and burning after using yeast infection medication?

You have a std!!! Go see a doc

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