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I currently have an abscessed tooth. I had horrible pains, so bad I almost went to the hospital. It almost felt like a serious migrane, the next day the pain was more concentrated to my back tooth. there was minor swelling around the tooth and my lymph gland was sore to the touch. Go to the dentist because the pain will go away and then come back even stronger in a few days. Good luck with it!!!

A tooth abscess or root abscess is pus enclosed in the tissues of the jaw bone at the tip of an infected tooth. Usually the abscess originates from a bacterial infection that has accumulated in the soft pulp of the tooth. Abscesses typically originate from dead pulp tissue, usually caused by untreated tooth decay, cracked teeth or extensive periodontal disease. A failed root canal treatment may also create a similar abscess. It may also develop from bacteria entering a tooth filling and multiplying. The pain is the body detecting that the microorganisms are present. A pus taste may also develop. There are three types of dental abscess. A gingival abscess that involves only the gum tissue, without affecting either the tooth or the periodontal ligament. A periapical abscess starts in the dental pulp. A periodontal abscess begins in the supporting bone and tissue structures of the teeth. (Wikipedia)

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How do i know if i hane an abscessed tooth?

If there is redness around the tooth and or swelling.

Can clarithromycin be used for abscessed tooth tooth?


Can an abscessed baby tooth be treated with antibiotics and left in place for a couple of years?

I don't know if your situation is that same as mine but my 4 year old has an abscessed tooth and the dentist said anitbiotics wouldn't help that the tooth needed to be extracted and a spacer put in its place.

Can you take AmoxClav for an abscessed tooth?


Is there a connection between c-reactive protein and an abscessed tooth?

Yes, an abscessed tooth often results in raised serum c reactive levels.

Can abscessed tooth cause anxiety symptoms?


Can a tooth that has had a root canal become abscessed?


Can an abscessed tooth cause anemia?

use anemia

If you are taking penicillin for an abscessed tooth can you have a couple of cocktails?


How do you know you have a abscessed tooth?

An absess is a pocket of infection. The area swells up, feels hot, and is very painful.

How do you get rid of facial swelling from a abscessed tooth?

Get the tooth fixed and the swelling will settle by itself.

What are some famous deaths caused by an abscessed tooth?

Oddly enough, many famous people have died from an abscessed tooth. For example, fashion designer, Hugo Boss, and Jethro Tull musician, John Glasscock, both died from abscessed teeth.

What causes an absessed tooth?

Abscessed tooth only happens for three reasons; when teeth are damaged such as an untreated cavity, a person brushed their teeth properly, and lastly the gum diseases. Those are the three causes to an abscessed tooth.

Can an abscessed tooth cause sinus problems?

Definitely - specifically and upper wisdom tooth. Often the roots of wisdom teeth run into the sinus cavity and even some of the upper molars. If the tooth is abscessed and infected, it can cause serious problems. Infections in the mouth runs two ways, to the heart or to the brain. Always, get an abscessed tooth treated immediately.

How do you treat an abscessed tooth?

An abscessed tooth can be treated with a root canal and a crown, or with an apicoectomy (if the root canal has failed) or with an extraction. Only your dentist can tell you which option is best for your individual situation.

Can the amox tr-k clv 875-125 tasan be used for an abscessed tooth?


Is it safe to take ciprofloxacin for abscessed tooth?

I believe so. I was just prescribed ciprofloxacin for my abscessed tooth so it's safe though in my case it doesn't seem to be working very well.

Can an abscessed tooth cause brain or heart problems?

Yes, abcessed tooth cause heart problem.

What foods do you eat with an abscessed tooth?

pudding, jellow, mashpotatoes :) yeaaaaaa!

What is a small bump on the upper left side of your gum?

Abscessed tooth

What antibiotic should you take for an abscessed tooth while pregnant?

Your doctor will give you amoxicillin with clavulanic acid, cephadroxil with clavulanic acid or cefuroxime with clavulanic acid for abscessed tooth along with incision and drainage.

What antibiotic should be taken for an abscessed molar tooth?

Your dentist will know which type is right for you. I had an abscessed tooth too. I had to be on antibiotics for 4 weeks to get rid of the infection. Then I had to have a root canal done. It did not hurt at all and I am afraid of the dentist. Amoxicillin, Biaxin or clindamycin are often used in treating dental infections.

Is blood pressure fluctuation related to abscessed teeth that have not yet been extracted?

Yes. I had an abcessed tooth for about a year and I did not know it. My blood pressure was really weird during that time, as soon as I went on antibiotics and then had a root canal done, my blood pressure went back to normal. I also had a cousin who had a tooth abscessed and she did not know it. Well she died and they did an autopsy on her because they did not know her cause of death and they found pus in her heart cavity leading down from where the tooth was.

When will I feel better after an extraction of an abscessed tooth?

It is going to hurt to have it pulled when it is abscessed but it will feel better very soon after. I had one pulled while it was abscessed and it was very painful but I am very thankful I did it. I couldn't have stood the pain from the abscess much longer.AnswerHealing after an tooth extraction can take up to a week.

Which antibiotics are used for an abscessed tooth?

ammoxicillin usually, if you don't have an allergy toward it.