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You should see your dentist. You could have what they call Dry Socket. Usually treated with a antibiotic.

An infection can also be detected by the presence of pus around the site, or a sudden fever, bad taste. If you are not on antibiotics there is always the risk of infection.

Normal pain and swelling can be expected up to 7-10 days after any dental surgery due to the nature of the procedure and differences in healing time.

Dry socket condition will produce a very acute and radiating pain throughout the entire jaw bone and up into the ear, and normally sets in around the 3rd to 4th day of post -op. The pain of an untreated dry socket normally subsides in a week or two and can be controlled by pain meds, but if the pain is really bad you're better off having the oral surgeon look at your extraction site and determine the nature of the problem.

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Q: How do you know if you have an infection or just pain in the cheek 5 days after extraction?
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