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Try these tricks:

When there is abdominal pain, push down in the spot that it hurts the most. Does it hurt more when you are pushing in, or when you let go? If it hurts most when you let go, that's called rebound tenderness, and it's likely to be appendicitis.

Lay on your back, and lift your right leg without bending your knee. If it hurts really bad, it's likely to be appendicitis.

It rarely goes away. That happened with me several times. You will experience having farts that smell like diarrhea.

I don't believe there are any symptoms of you appendix. . . considering it is a part of your body. . . It doesn't really function as anything in particular, however, if bile gets caught in it during degestion, it will get infected and swell up. This is called appendicitis. It will swell and burst, releasing the infection into the rest of the body, eventually killing the host. (This is all if it isn't caught early on)
Based on your description in the Discussion area, best answer, you could. Your parents would be your best resource here. Seek medical attention, and let professional medical personnel determine it, not a world full of internet strangers.

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Q: How do you know if you have appendicitis?
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Where does appendicitis come from?

i want to know where the appendicitis come from? how do you stop the appendicitis?

What is the medical root for appendicitis?

Appendic- is the medical root in the term appendicitis.

How do you treat appendicitis?

The appendectomy operation is the treatment of choice for appendicitis.

Why men is more prone to have appendicitis than women?

I not know

Can you die from an appendicitis opperation?

no.there are very low chance that you can die from appendicitis operation.I know a lot of people that are operated and they are fine.I have no information about a case of death during appendicitis operation in my country.

Can you have an uti and appendicitis at the same time?

Yes, of course you can have a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and appendicitis. They are from different body systems. The UTI is fixed with antibiotics and appendicitis is ONLY fixed with surgery. If you had appendicitis you would get sicker every day with more pain and fever. You would know if you had appendicitis, it DOESN:T go away!

What is meant by subacute appendicitis?

Appendicitis that is not yet as serious as acute appendicitis.

What is your reaction on appendicitis?

what are the reaction on appendicitis

How can you get appendicitis fast?

There is no way by which you can get the appendicitis.

What are signs that let you know that your appendicitis is about to burst?

There are no signs, which will tell you that the appendix is about to burst.

Is there appendicitis vaccine?

There is no known vaccine for appendicitis.

How can you get appendicitis from exercising after you eat?

No. you do not get appendicitis that way.

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