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Cancer is not caused by depression and stress. No one knows exactly what causes cancer cells to 'turn on'. Depression and stress can, however, exacerbate any illness. Best to see a doctor for a full checkup and get a referral for treatment for the stress and depression.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-14 01:10:59
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Q: How do you know if you have cancer if you know it's caused by stress and depression and you are really depressed and stressed?
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Why do you feel depressed?

depression can be caused by stress which is caused be not coping with everything.

What caused the unemployment in the great depression?

they spent too much of their money and got depressed

how do people get depressed yall?

Depression is a mental illness caused by chemical imbalances in the brain, not a habit that develops over time.

Did oliver Sykes suffer from depression?

When he was a kid he was bullied a lot, which caused him to become depressed/ suicidal.

Can sleep apnea be caused by depression?

No. Sleep apnea is a physical condition. If you have it, it doesn't matter whether you are depressed or not.

Is a suicidal person mentally ill?

They can be. Usually if someone is suicidal they are depressed, and Depression can be caused by a mental disorder

How is depression treatable?

There are a number of different kinds of depression and a number of ways to treat depression. A person can be depressed because of the circumstances of his or her life, and those circumstances can change. Usually the remedy is obvious. If you are depressed because your girlfriend left you, you may be able to find another girlfriend. There is also depression that is caused by mental illness, and there are psychiatric drugs which are effective in treating that kind of depression. These can be prescribed by a psychiatrist.

You are depressed what can you do about it?

Go see a counselor if its clinical or something more they may prescribe something. but usually if depression is caused by an event in life its not clinical depression.Or...try to think why are you depressed. What's causing it? Maybe something seriously bothers you in your life but you're afraid to admit that? If you manage to identify and remove that cause, your depression will probably fade, although it will not be easy.

How can you get depressed?

It can be latent, meaning your born with this mental illness. Also herditry if a family memeber has depression, or another mentall illness usually you are more likely to have it especially if that family member is a parent. It can be caused by stress, or traumatic events or a bevearment. People who already are depressed for apparent no reason are more likely to become more severley depressed when something bad happens in there life. Depression can also be caused by suppressed negative emotions caused by some problems in your life. Before you get a treatment, see if you can improve your life by yourself through identifying and removing those causes.

Can you become depressed from eating unhealthy foods?

Depression is caused by a chemical imbalance. There are no foods, vitamins, or herbs which cause or cure it. However, when you're depressed, you don't take good care of yourself. It's common to eat unhealthy foods when depressed, and unhealthy eating can make you feel more tired and sluggish. So it does not make you depressed, but it does not make you feel any better, either. The best way to handle depression is to make yourself eat right and take care of yourself.

What is the difference between being depressed and being stressed?

Depression usually pulls the plug on any energy you have. It is characterized by hopelessness. Even things you love meant nothing to you. Mind is sludge. Being stressed is usually the opposite. You're tightly wound up, maybe even 'speedy.' You're anxious, jittery, mind going a mile a minute. This is usually caused by something you know about: trouble at work, loved one is angry with you, possible bad news coming...

Can depression raise blood pressure?

Depression generally lowers body functions. People who are depressed feel sluggish, tired, and "slowed down" in general. Many depressed people sleep more than usual. High blood pressure is caused by many things, but depression is not usually one of them. If you are getting high blood pressure readings, see your doctor. There are many easy and inexpensive treatments for high blood pressure nowadays!

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Lung cancer caused by nicotine and tar?

lung cancer is caused by tar only!

How is breast cancer caused?

breast cancer is caused by the development of malignant cells in the breast.

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The Panic of 1873 caused an economic depression in the 1870s because banksacross the land closed .

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Cancer is not caused by Bacteria, it is caused by normal cells changing in inappropriate ways.

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They are useally caused by you being run down or depressed

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