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How do you know if you have kidney stones?

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Kidney stones are tiny pieces of minerals, like calcium, that collect in the kidneys and are too large to pass easily along the ureter, to the bladder, and out through the urethra. Symptoms of kidney stones, called nephrolithiasis, include extreme localized pain, perspiration, and often an associated infection. The most common symptom of kidney stones is a debilitating, shooting, intense pain anywhere in the abdomen. A kidney stone still lodged in the kidney would cause pain on one side, near your lower back. If it has moved partly down your ureter, the passage connecting the kidneys to the bladder, the pain might originate in your lower abdomen, side, or groin. A strong, continuous pain might indicate that the kidney stone is stuck permanently and will not be passed without a doctor's intervention. Other symptoms of kidney stones include clammy, cold, hot, or sweaty skin accompanying a fever or chills. Fever usually means the stone has caused a blockage, and your kidneys and urination cannot function normally. This kind of infection must be treated with antibiotics, as well as by removing the kidney stone. You might also be tired, nauseated, not hungry, or experience diarrhea or constipation. Some symptoms of kidney stones are very similar to the symptoms of a urinary tract infection or cystitis, especially in women. These have to do with urination. You might notice discolored or cloudy urine and pain, smarting, or burning during urination. A frequent or urgent need to urinate is usually a false alarm, as it may be difficult to actually urinate more than a tiny amount. Given these warning symptoms, a doctor can diagnose kidney stones by doing a blood or urine test, conducting an ultrasound, or taking an X-ray with or without dye. Then a medical professional can eliminate the kidney stone by a variety of methods, ranging from non-invasive flushing with lots of liquid, to minor surgery under general anaesthetic.

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Do a lot of people get kidney stones?

i dont know but i know it is caused by too much sugar (too much soda can cause kidney stones)

Can women have kidney stones?

Yes, women can get kidney stones.

If your kidney doesn't function can you get a kidney stone?

If your kidneys don't work, you get very ill, very quickly. Kidney stones are irrelevant in this connection. I have kidney failure and one of the first things that happened to me was I got kidney stones. I don't know if this is typical of kidney failure.

What makes kidney stones?

What makes kidney stones? why are they soo panfulkll?

Can an STD cause kidney stones?

A STD will not cause kidney stones.

Do kidney stones affect your period?

No. Kidney stones have no affect on your menstrual cycle. Though the severe pain may associated with kidney stones may be mistaken for cramping, kidney stones have no affect on your period.

Does it effect your kidney if kidney stones occur 3 times in a year?

Being a sufferer of kidney stones myself, I know that, if the stones are not causing blockage, then it is perfectly safe and un-harmful to the kidney to have three stones a year. However, if the stones are trying to pass at the same time, or are causing blockage, then a problem may occur and you should consult your doctor immediately to assess the problem.

Can you get kidney stones two weeks after you just have had them?

Yes, it is possible to have kidney stones two weeks after just passing them. If you just passed kidney stones, it is possible that there are still remaining stones in your kidney that were not passed with the others.

Where does Kidney stones tend to get trapped in?

Kidney stones tend to get trapped in the ureter leading out of a kidney into the bladder.

Does nuts cause kidney stones or gallstones?

Nuts does not cause kidney stones or gall stones. That is a myth.

How do you know if you have passed gallstones?

No, one cannot pass gall stones, only kidney stones which is extremely painful

Where are kidney stones produced?

In the Kidney.

Do you get kidney stones from your kidney?


Can egg yolks cause kidney stones?

yes it does cause kidney stones

What kind of specialist treats for kidney stones?

Kidney stones are treated by a urologist.

Who can have kidney stones?

Kidney stones are not unusual; anyone can have them, particularly if they become dehydrated.

Can heroin use cause kidney stones?

Can Heroin cause Kidney Stones

What are the demographics of kidney stones?

Kidney stones are most common among male Caucasians over the age of 30, people who have previously had kidney stones, and relatives of kidney stone patients.

Why do camels not get kidney stones?

Provided camels actually do not get kidney stones (I don't know this is true), it would be because they have a different physiology that prevent minerals from building up in their kidneys.

Can men only get kidney stones?

No, women can also get kidney stones. Kidney stones are caused by a poor diet consisting of a high quantity of sodium consumed.

Can you get kidney stones twice?

Yes, you can get kidney stones twice, or any number of times.

Can a woman get kidney stones?

Yes, a woman is able to get kidney stones just as a man is.

Why do people feel sick in the morning with kidney stones?

Ask someone with kidney stones.

What is the removal of kidney stones called?

The removal of kidney stones is called Ureteroscopic Surgery.

How are kidney stones measured?

Most people use millimeters to measure kidney stones.