How do you know if you have magic powers?

I am afraid it is not that simple. You don't know until you try to figure it out and truly believe it happens. Not think things as a coincidence. (This is coming from a person whose emotions affect th weather in the immediate area.) I'd suggest you try to see if there is anything strange that occurs several times, Like, a parking lot is completely full, but you so desperatley want to park to see the concert, and next second you see one open space that not anonther single passing car seems to see. I hope this helped you, but in other words you'll have to find it yourself.For it is your own power that you are seeking know one else's.

I think I have magical powers. Not big powers like a wizard or anything but if I think about a television programme I want to watch, about an hour later it shows on the T.V! Or maybe it's just coincidence but it happens every single time.