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You really need to be seen by a licensed professional if you suspect you suffer from OCD. I have OCD, and while therapies are helpful in reducing my stress and helping me cope with "spikes" in my OCD, I also have to take medication. There is a biological component to the disease, meaning that it's not simply something that you can teach yourself to make go away. In some people with OCD, the majority actually, the brain is not properly wired, so to speak. There is a lowered serotonin level and so the messages between cells aren't passed effectively. Therefore, what would be a normal thought to someone without OCD becomes an obsessive thought to someone with OCD because the thought gets "stuck" and they can't get it out of their mind. Same thing with the rituals. Whereas a normal person can stop cleaning at a certain point, an OCD person never feels like the space is clean enough, and so can clean forever. OCD is a serious mental disorder that needs to be diagnosed and monitored by a doctor.

There is no disease to man that one should be embarrassed about seeing a doctor about and I suggest you do. Doctors are not there to label you, but hopefully heal and explain what you have to put your mind at rest. Be wise and see your doctor! Here are some ideas if for whatever reason the doctor option is not possible. The specific technique used in BT/CBT is called Exposure and Ritual Prevention (also known as Exposure and Response Prevention) or ERP; this involves gradually learning to tolerate the anxiety associated with not performing the ritual behavior. At first, for example, someone might touch something only very mildly "contaminated" (such as a tissue that has been touched by another tissue that has been touched by the end of a toothpick that has touched a book that came from a "contaminated" location, such as a school.) That is the "exposure." The "ritual prevention" is not washing. Another example might be leaving the house and checking the lock only once (exposure) without going back and checking again (ritual prevention). The person fairly quickly habituates to the (formerly) anxiety-producing situation and discovers that their anxiety level has dropped considerably; they can then progress to touching something more "contaminated" or not checking the lock at all � again, without performing the ritual behavior of washing or checking. There are many treatments and drugs related to this disorder that require seeing a trained professional and this (if possible) is probably your best option.

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Would bipolar disorder be classified as something that is out of people's self-control or would they have control over the order?

It can be out of someones self control if they do not go to a doctor and get medicine. Some cases of bipolar disorder are mild enough to be self-controlled but most of the time he or she needs to see a doctor and get medicine.

A six year old was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder the doctor tells you that a common way to control this disorder is to do what?

The use of a drug called Ritalin

How is epilepsy treated in alternative medicine?

Relaxation techniques can provide some sense of control over the disorder, but they should never be used instead of antiseizure medication or without the approval of the patient's doctor.

What should someone do if they need treatment for a borderline personality disorder?

If somebody needed treatment for a borderline personality disorder they should see a doctor or therapist. A therapist and doctor could prescribe medicine in attempt to control the disorder and host therapy sessions to find the root of the problem.

Where can you get birth control without going to the doctor?

you can go to planned parenthood

Mental disorder that causes going to hospital or doctor?

There are so many . . . I can think of bipolar disorder, depression, disassociation disorder, panic disorder, personality disorder, asocial disorder among the many.

How can you get Plan B birth control without being 18 years old?

Get a prescription from your doctor.

If you secretly stop taking birth control is it possible for the doctor to understand this?

A lot of women stop taking birth control without informing their Doctor. However when you do see your Doctor again its advisable you tell him/her that you're no longer taking birth control to your medical record can be updated accurately.

What does a doctor have to do which is enterprising?

A doctor have to be willing and trustful to treat patients and and organised to not be a disorder

Can I file a lawsuit against a doctor for not checking out a tremor disorder?

To sue a doctor you have to be genuinely been hurt. For a successful lawsuit you would need to prove that: 1) The doctor offered you help with your tremor disorder 2) The standard of care offered was to check out your tremor disorder 3) That the doctor was negligent in his 'checking' of the tremor disorder 4) That you have suffered as a result of him not checking the tremor disorder properly If you went to your doctor and said that you have a tremor disorder and that you would like for it to be checked out, and your doctor agreed to check it, checked it, said it was ok and then you had further complications, then as long as the doctor did not do anything obviously wrong, then the lawsuit will not be successful. I would recommend you stop thinking about a lawsuit and go and have a frank discussion with your doctor. What are the reasons for this lawsuit?

Is it bad stopping birth control pills not consulting a doctor?

You can stop the birth control pill without consulting a doctor if you're using them to prevent pregnancy. If you don't want to get pregnant, though, you should consult a doctor about other alternatives. If you're using the birth control pill for other reasons, you should consult a doctor before stopping.

Can a doctor prescribe weed for a sleep disorder?


Does Kobe Bryant have a liver disorder?

No. But I'm not his doctor.

Is it cool to be OCD?

No, it is a mental disorder. See a doctor.

Can you be a doctor with a mental disease such as bipolar disorder?


What kind of doctor specializes in taste disorder?


How do you get help for an eating disorder?

Go see a doctor

Can doctors help with eating disorders?

You should consult your doctor immediately if you think you have an eating disorder. If your doctor feels that medication would assist you with your disorder then one will be prescribed for you.

Can you control bipolar without medications?

This is something that should be discussed with a psych doctor, who would explain how bipolar medications work. Bipolar mood disorder can be very debilitating and requires medication to stabilise the extreme highs and lows of the illness. If it is any help to you, a close relative of mine has been on lithium for 15 years and it completely changed her life from one of misery, to one of being able to manage and run her life well. This illness should NOT be managed without the help of a doctor. If a person had Parkinson's Disease or Multiple Sclerosis, they would seek the help of a doctor. So it should be with bipolar mood disorder.

Should you see a doctor about your binge eating disorder?

Eating disorders, such as binge eating disorder, have the potential to do harm to your body. If you feel your eating disorder is out of control, it is appropriate to see a doctor, specifically a psychiatrist who specializes in the treatment of eating disorders. This is important because while binge eating disorder itself does not pose the risk of grievous harm to the body other than weight gain, it is often caused by the more serious problem of anxiety or depression. Also, binge eating disorder can quickly escalate to bulimia, which is very harmful to the body and can result in death. However, if you are not comfortable with seeing a medical professional for your binge eating disorder, there are some support groups both online and in community centers that can help you overcome your eating disorder. This is a viable option if you have strong motivation to end your eating disorder, if your eating disorder is not overly out of control, and you have the personal strength to better yourself.

What was the name of the aliens in Doctor Who with the blood control?

The Sycorax were the aliens in Doctor Who with the blood control.

Why do I get so nervous?

Possible anxiety disorder. Speak with your doctor.

Is Binge Eating Disorder a medical condition?

Yes. You need to see your doctor with information on Binge Eating Disorder as well as what to do about it.

What type of doctor should be seen for someone suffering from a sleep disorder?

If someone is suffering from a sleep disorder, they should see a Neurologist, or a sleep specialist. Someone suffering from a sleep disorder should see a doctor to find out if there are any ways they can help with the problem.

Should people with binge eating disorder try to lose weight?

Yes and No. If you do have binge eating disorder and want to lose weight, you should try to eat a stable diet without binging for a couple of weeks before exercising. If you cant do this talk to a doctor.

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