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Usually when men are scared, they will ignore you or sometimes just be very short with you. Now a lot of people will say men are always afraid of commitment....not true. If your boyfriend is scared off then he may not be feeling the same way, admitting that you've fallen for someone implies commitment. Men are willing to commit once it's to the right person. I can't remember where I read or heard this but I'd like to hear other peoples feedback.

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How do you know when your boyfriend has fallen in love with you?

when his is always with u

Is it bad if after a year and half your boyfriend says he still doesnt know if he loves you?

Maybe he really does love you but is scared to tell you! mostly boys are like that they dont like telling people there feelings ! <3

What if your boyfriend has autism and is starting to withdraw into himself what can you do to let him know that you will always be there for him?

have you tried telling him?

How can you confront a boyfriend about cheating without telling him how you know he's cheating?

follow your gut feelings,

How would you know if your boyfriend is telling you the truth why he is in jail?

This will let you know:

I don't know what to do because one girl at my school keeps on telling my boyfriend that i am cheating on him with one of my guy friends but i am not and i do not know if my boyfriend trusts me?

The way to look at is if your boyfriend loves u he will belive u. That other girl is probably just trying to get with your boyfriend .

What does it mean if a girl tells you things that she should be telling her boyfriend?

It mean's, she trust's you more than she trust's her boyfriend, or because she is shy around her boyfriend and she doesn't know how he'll react.

How do you know if your boyfriend for six years living with and doesnt say he loves you?

he may just be scared and not ready for the commitment

How do you know when you are ready to make out with your boyfriend Me and my boyfriend have been going out for almost 3 months and we have kiss but when we are about 2 makeout i get scared and say no?

You are ready to make out when your are not scared. Don't be in too much of a hurry. You have a long life ahead of you, and plenty of time to make out.

I have been dating my boyfriend for a year now and he wants to makeout but I'm scared and don't know how what should i do?

Hope this helps. =)

Should you forgive your boyfriend for lying to you for four months about a girl?

No! If he doesn´t care for four months about telling the truth, how do you know where he is lying or telling the truth? It is definitely an abuse of confidence.

How you know when your long distance boyfriend wants someone else?

When he starts telling you that maybe this isn't working and how hard he is finding ldr.

What if you are scared to kiss a boy for the first time?

You should start small with your boyfriend a little kiss on the cheek when u next see him then when you feel comfortable you can start kissing him on the lips. I haven't kissed my boyfriend yet because im scared but i do know that after it people feel a lot better then you can do it all the time.

You think your boyrfriends hates you completely and it's making you feel horrible and too scared to ask you boyfriend if he does actually hate you?

ask his friends. if he is your boyfriend then chances are he doesn not hate you...or he would not be your know as well as anyone the only way to find out is to ask him.

How do you show your boyfriend you've changed when you screw up?

You will have to talk with him and let him know how you feel and let him know your trying to change. Besides telling him you will have to try and prove it to him with any chance you get.

Is it ok to let your boyfriend go to a late night movie with a girl who supposely has a boyfriend?

only if u REALLY REALLY REALLY trust that girl and boyfriend ....WHY IS HE GOING TO A LATE NIGHT MOVIE WITH ANOTHER GIRL?!?! And do you know she has a boyfriend or is he just telling you this? Situation seems a little shady to me..

How to know if a boyfriend is telling the truth he was accused that he stole something he was accused by their maid but then he denied it?

Atleast trust him. if he is telling u lies then his activities will tell him. Like he ignores u. can't ans u properly .........

What do you do if your to scared to kiss your boyfriend but you want to but you dont know if your a good kisser or not?

see if he like you from his freinds then if he does kiss him so hard so he cant feel his lips.

How do you know if your boyfriend still likes you or cares about you if hes scared to talk to you?

You might find him looking at you, or rubbing his arm when he says hi, or he may just be nevous.

Do you tell your boyfriend when you feel scared and depressed about things not relating to him directly or is it too burdening?

My response: Tell him! A guy needs to know what's wrong with his girlfriend.

If your boyfriend wants a baby but you are scared and feel your too young sometimes even if you know you are ready to have one what do you do?

the both of you should talk about it then decide if its time to have a baby

If you are in another state and you don't know what your best friend is doing with your boyfriend how do you know if your friend is telling the truth if she say oh where doin nutin important?

i would say hes cheating

How do you let your boyfriend know you want to kiss them without telling them?

Tell him to spread his legs. Then kick as hard as you can between. If he doesn't kiss you after this, he is probably gay.

How do you tell your boyfriend of two years that you love him without telling him I love you?

whats wrong with telling him that you love him? if this does not work for you take him out for dinner or take part in his favorite hobby.sometimes you dont need to do anything he should just know.

Why is my boyfriend scared of touching my knees?

Your boyfriend probably has Genuphobia. This is the officially recognised phobia of knees, as strange as it sounds.

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