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Love is physical attraction and nature does take her course. Making love is the closest you can come to another person and be complete. It's about sharing and if your partner doesn't share during the sexual act then kick him/her to the curb. It's about pleasing and showing the best way you can how much you love that person. However, that doesn't mean that a woman or a man is going to want to make love all the time, and also, when we go through different stages of our lives and different ages things change a little in the sex department, but love goes on forever. Lust is when you can sleep with anyone at any time and never really care to get to know about the person you are with and don't really care to know their inner personality. A person that lusts is like a machine that performs and in their own minds think they are the greatest lover that God every graced the human race with. Then it's just raw sex. It's normal when you meet someone you care about and work up to that day/night when you will make love. The young "bee-bop" every chance they can get because of their energy and youth, while the older generation loves the person with all their heart and takes their time about such things.

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Q: How do you know if you in love or just lusting over someone?
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Can you trust a womans love for you when she forgets you when she lusting after another man?

Answer No. If a woman really loves a man she will not be lusting after other men. I know someone who is not even currently in a relationship with the guy she loves and she still has no interest in other men much less lusting after one. She's so in love with the guy you couldn't DRAG her to a date with a man.

How Do you know if you love them or not?

If you question it, then you don't love them. If you love someone, there's no wondering about it. You just know.

If you have to think whether you love someone or not then the answer is no When you love someone you just know?

True. There is no questioning it. You know it through and through.

What do you do when you love someone in love with someone else but that you know they are deeply in love with you?

Just be there for that person and be a friend and your time will come

You love someone but you don't know if he love you?

just tell them that you love them, otherwise you wont know if they feel the same way

What does it mean for someone to be in love with you spiritually?

you cant explain love. you just know it when you have it.

How do you know when your in love with somebody?

I cant really tell you how you know when your in love with someone....its just something you feel.

How can you know someone love you?

you don't know but your heart will can feel it if that someone loves you...just because someone tells you they love you over a thousand times doesn't always mean they love you...but if someone loves you they will show it to you without speaking a word.

What are hints on topic give love get love?

what i know is that just by giving love someone will really love u

What do you do when you love someone but he doesn't know about your love?

just try to be his friend and see what that leads to

What do you do when you love someone but they don't know if they love me or not?

You just ask them to tell the truth but if you know there lying you have to put a thret to your relationship.

How can you tell if you really love a guy?

You will just know. If you really love someone there won't be a question about it.

How do you know when someone doesn't love you?

One way is that if they say to you "I don't love you," or if there just is no spark when your with him.

How long does it usually take to fall in love with someone?

There is no time limit, you just know it when you are in love.

What is love how do you know you have it is it playing tricks on you?

Love is a deep deep feeling you have for someone just dont love someone for who they are her how they want ot act love them for who they are and sometimes love will play tricks.

How do you know for sure if you love someone?

Trust me, you just know. If you have to ask, you don't.

Can you love someone who you don't really know in person so is it just a crush?

I think it is a crush you think you love but you dont you can only really love someone if you spend time with them and know them well as a person and you cant love someone who you see walking around or who is famous.

How do you know if someone's right for you in love?

You know is someone is right for you in love when you have things in common also when you have been going out for a while also if that person likes you for who you are and not what you look like just the person you are that i show you will know .

Do you love someone you don't know?

Sometimes you do, but if you don't know them and just think they're cute, FORGET IT! It is very possible to love someone you dont know if you knwo some things about them

How will you know if someone is in love with you?

You will know by the way you feel, by the way they treat you, the way they make you feel - you will just know.

How do you know when you love some one?

You know when you love someone when you except everything about them good and bad, when you are willing to do just about anything for them, and when you know down in your heart that you couldn't imagine being with someone else because you truly love this person to pieces.

Can a prostitude love someone?

Anyone can love someone. They're still humans and feel all of the emotions we do, so yes, a prostitute can love someone. But it's also they're job to make love to people, which can make you feel like they love you, when really it's just their job. If you want to know if they love someone, just ask:)

When do you know that you are in love?

just when you have a really strong feeling about someone. when you have a really strong feeling about someone or something.

Why do they have the love calculator?

well its just for people that are bored and really love someone and just wanna know..or if someone is really paranoid and just wants to see how the results would come out

How do you know someone is your true love?

If your really in love with someone then you should always feel comfortable around them. If you just like them because their cute then your not in love. You can also feel in love sith someone you've never dated.