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If you like the person. I would recommend inviting him because everyone needs to let loose once in a while right?

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Should invite someone to a party that know can't come?

I think - It's a nice gesture to invite them even if you know they can't come. That way, they won't feel bad that you didn't ask.

If some of your friends don't get along should you invite them all to your birthday party?

Yes, this is your party and you can invite who ever you want. Just let your friends that don't get along know that there will be no fighting for one night because it is your birthday.

In the book because of winn dixie do they have a party?

yes they do and they invite everybody they know to the party

Should i invite a sons fiances parents to my husbands 60th birthday party?

I would. Get to know them sooner rather than later.

You had a crush on this girl since march and you were hoping to get to know each other this year but the only class you are in together is every other day and idk where her locker is what should I do?

my guess is you should probably have a party and invite some people and invite her and then get to know smooth not pushy.

What do you do if you want to invite your guy friends to your birthday party which is going to be a pool party when you know they'll be drooling over all the girls including you?

well dont invite him then.

How does one throw a killer party?

Invite all the serial killer that you know.

Will Sonny have a birthday party that she does or doesn't invite Chad to but he turns it into a surprise party for her in Sonny With a Chance?

IDK (i don't know) but that is a great idea. You should become a writer for TV shows.

What if your having a birthday party and when you went to your friends party she had a ton of new friends and you only knew 3 of them counting her should you be friends and have her come to your party?

you can make new friends by trying out inviting this girl. it might be worth it.... I think you should invite her to your party and still be friends: for one thing at least she invited you, maybe she thought you could make new friends at her party. If you can maybe you should invite people she doesn't know so she knows how you felt.

Should you invite chinchillas to your chinchilla party?

I think maybe but keep them in their cages unless they know each other, orelse, they could fight or something.

Should I invite this guy I barely know to my party?

yesterday, I invited my crush to my b-day party, and to my surprise, today he said that he would come. i was so happy. can't wait till My party tomorrow!!B·)

How do you throw a cosplay party?

its easy just work out what you want to do at the party and where it is like any other party, get everyone you know who wants to come and invite them, the best thing to do is open up an invite sender on facebook then you know exactly whos coming, that's what i did and ur all set

Where should a 10 year old girl have her birthday party?

I think a 10 year old should have a sleepover, not a party. When the kids get older they don't want to invite every kid in the class or everyone they know! That is why I think 10 year old girls should have more of a eat and leave, or sleepover party.

If you are not invited to a birthday party should you buy a gift?

OF COURSE NOT!!!!! matter how well they know you if they don't invite you to their birthday party then don't feel obligated to get them a gift and if they tell you later that you forgot their birthday then tell them you weren't invited to the birthday party. End of conversation!

How many people should a girl invite to her 11th birthday party?

It depends on your point of view! I like a small party with 5 - 6 people all really close friends, because then no one feels left out. When you invite a lot of people that you cont completely know then others might feel left out of the group!

What problem does the servant had in romeo and juliet?

He was illiterate and so could not read the guest list and did not know who to invite to the party.

How do you get married on sims 3?

Get to know the person then press GOING STEADY then press GETTING MARRIED,throw a party then press GET MARRIEDthere is 2 ways of getting married in the sims 3. One of the ways is to invite the sim you want to marry over to your house, then click on that sim and click on "Romance" option and it should have get married on it. The other one is to have a party, which you can do by selecting the phone and selecting party. Then in the box on the left hand side, there should be an option to host a wedding party. Select it and invite whoever you want over to the party. Then once your party starts, select the sim you want to marry and it should say marry.Hope this helped.

If you or someone you know doesn't eat red meat should you have an alternative for them when you invite them to dinner?

Yes you should

What should you do for your 13th birthday party?

You Could : 1- have a BIG sleepover 2- Have a BIG house party and invite everyone you know 3- go to a place where you can get photos taken with all your friends 4- have a party on the beach (if its sunny) 5- have a pool party 6- go on a BIG shopping trip 7- have a party in your garden (with a bonfire and Barbique)

Should you bring a gift to an engagement party?

You know, I think things are getting out of hand. First you get a pretty little invitation in the mail........its a 'SAVE THE DATE' card............ then you get another's the engagement party invite........ OH WHOOPIE!!!!!!!.................then you get another 'save the date' invite ---------its the SHOWER...................Then you get yet THE BIG INVITATION.........IT'S THE WEDDING!!!!!!!!! OEY VEY.... It's getting ridiculous........and I'm trying to remember...I don't think you should be required to bring a gift to the engagement party. Jeeze. Who can afford to do these things anymore? Just stick to............SHOWER...........WEDDING........ SIGH.......... no because I am not aeare the weeding before now

How many people should a10 yr old girl invite to her birthday party?

invite your best friends first. then add closer friends. have about 15 to 20 friends invited. a good place to have your party is monkey joe's or fox bowl. i need to know if you are a boy or a girl though. that would help. but take my advice! I'll be glad to help anytime!

How do you ask a sim out on the sims 3?

to ask a sims out you can phone them and there should be options : chat, invite over etc. AND invite out so to ask sims out you click the INVITE OUT option ( by the way the INVITE OUT option is not a date and can be done to anyone you know on the sims 3 )

What kind of events go on at a sweet 16?

Usually there is a band playing, its basically just a huge party. Sometimes if you have the money its cool to invite someone famous or well known to perform. DO NOT play pass the parcel or any party games. That would be horrible. Just get music, a band and food. Invite everyone you know. Then the party is on!

Should I invite my crush if i only talked to him couple times to my valentines party?

yes this is the perfect oppritunity for u too show him that you care. and u might even get a little action, i am only 14 but i know i woulsd and i know he like it if u show him that you are in to him

What should you do if he hasn't called back about if he can come too your party?

I had exactly this experience. He didn't let me know until after the party and I found out a month after that he had been seeing someone else. If he is not letting you know, invite other people who will jump at the chance for an invitation. If he shows up he will see you are loved by your friends, if he doesn't you will have as much love as you can muster surrounding you.