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How do you know if you should marry someone?

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When you don't have to ask other people how you know. Sorry

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Is Kevin going to Mary someone?

How should I know if he is anyway he is so cute I would totally marry him if I was old enough.

Why can you not marry Zac Efron?

because he has his own choice and he SHOULD MARRY SOMEONE HE LOVES

How do you know that he will marry me?

You don't know that someone will marry you. If you have dated for over a year and he hasn't proposed, it is time to start setting some boundaries. He may be motivated to marry you soon.

Is it okay to force someone to marry?

NO! It should be against the law!

Can a Roman person can marry a Greek one?

dont know ask someone smart dont know ask someone smart dont know ask someone smart

Should you married a guy who do not do nothing for you married?

you should marry someone because you love them

Should you marry someone gay?

You should probably only do this if you yourself are gay too.

How will you know if your man is the one you should marry?

By marrying him.

Can you marry someone who is in the US illegally?

Yes you can. The better question is SHOULD you?

Why should a widow remarry?

There is no compulsion to marry again when someone has been widowed.

How long should you wait to marry someone if you were in a relationship with them before?

A few months.

Why should you trust someone?

You should only trust someone if you really know who they are.And you should trust them because you really know who they are

Your penis size is 4 inches can you marry?

You can marry someone if you've got a 1 inch penis. A girl should marry you cause she loves you not for your penis size.

Should you believe him that he wants to marry after one date?

Ask yourself if you know enough about him to want to marry him. Probably Not.

What sign should a Sagittarius woman marry?

A Sagittarius woman should marry the man she loves. His sign will be totally irrelevant. So a Sagittarius woman can marry any of the 12 signs. Marry someone based on their personality, and remember that their personality is not defined by when they were born.

My boyfriend wants to marry me and he pay child support what should I do?

Pays it to you or someone else?

How do you know if you should marry him?

by raising few questions to person who has proposed for marragie, it should be presonal.

How you can know that he love you?

if he wants to have fun with you and wants to spend time with you then you should now that he loves ya! and if he asks you to marry him then marry him=]

What do preachers say to marry someone?

Will you marry me?

Who will you most likely marry?

someone I con't currently know A: nobody. it always ends in divorce :(

How do you know if a guy is the one for you?

You never know, but if 80% of what you are looking for is there and the other 20% isn't dangerous or unpleasant, then you are close. Make sure you check out his parents and his relationship with them. When you marry someone, you marry his/her family.

Should you go out with someone that break up with someone you know?


Which Jonas brother should you marry?

I should have married Kevin, but now I know it's Joe. But, I don't know about you. Everyone has a different personality and religion, you know...

How old apart do you have to be to marry someone in the UK?

You have to be 18 to legally marry someone in the UK.

Should you marry someone who loves you when im older?

I think age is only a number. Marry for love and never mind anybody elses opinion.

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