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How do you know if you still love your girlfriend or have feelings for another girl who is your close friend?


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To find this out you hang out with the girl to see if you still have feelings for her. That will give you your true feelings about her.


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Another word for girlfriend can be a close friend. This is because a girl friend is the one who always supports. No matter what the situation is she always supports the guys.

Are you sure that you don't still have feelings for your friend or is just that you miss how close you are? i think you need to decide because its not fair on your new boyfriend/girlfriend if you have feelings for someone else.

Either forget about your girlfriends friend or break up with your girlfriend and date neither of them. Don't be that guy the girls fight over or stops being friends with them because of you, be the bigger person.

express your feelings and tell them you like them

To be his close friend and supporter.

Lady Jane Grey was rumoured to be his girlfriend or a very close friend

le copain = male friend la copine = female friend l'ami = close male friend / boyfriend l'amie = close female friend / girlfriend

its very hard to go from a close friend to a girlfriend, unless you find out that he likes you back. then itll be more easier

her name is haley stone I am a close friend!(:

Then talk to her about it. You could be close to him, but don't do anything crazy. You know the friend code.

not much difference usually. close friends can be the same as with any guy/girl. Usually not. sometime have a harder time dealing with feelings or don't acknowledge them much or deal with them in private by themselves - but can share them once in awhile with someone they love, like a girlfriend or wife and sometimes a best friend.

Tell them you have another girlfriend or boyfriend. Or you just don't like them. or you guys are too close and you don't wanna ruin what you have right now.

Tell someone close like your best friend, Tell him or her what your feelings are for her.

If you and your boyfriend or girlfriend are very close, it honestly feels like a close relative just died or your best friend moved to another state. Sorry to put it bluntly, but that's pretty much the situation.

If its a male friend, it most likely means you are in the friend zone, and he considers you one of the guys (not girlfriend material).


With a close friend (or boyfriend/girlfriend) in a dark room alone. :]

I think it means that you still have feelings for your ex boyfriend. If you didn't care about your ex boyfriend you would not mind if he dated a close friend of yours. It may also be that you are threatened by your close friend and may be a tad jealous of her.

Miranda bullock. Well that's whats Nat's close personal friend Grace said. that's what she said.Nope.He is single.Miranda is just a close family friend

First u have to come out to them. Then tell your friend how you feel. If there a good friend they will be fine about it. I told my friend and where now going out! Good Luck xXx

Get close to her best friend/s, then start talking about her to them, And then ask if she likes you, And they should help you. that's what i did anyways.

No, But Yahiko was the one who had romantic feelings for Konan. Konan just viewed him as a very close friend.

no, but his close friend had a miscarriage, and so he wrote the song Small Bump about it.

It means that your really close with your friend and he has started to have feelings for you. But it also means that it could ruin your friendship unless he has strong feeling for you. You need to think it through and find out if you have feelings for him, too.

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