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many different answers to this... easiest- if she says yes when you ask her out

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ask her or tell a friend to ask her

It is ok to ask your friend what she thinks about you, if she is a true friend then she will not get deffensive

no he doesn't i know cause im his best friend nd yes im a girl

wrong ! you just hang out with the girl because you <3 her but you dont know it yet

Well I am a girl, and if you like a girl and you know that she likes you then, have your friend ask her out for you.

Because You Can See She Is Very Sad And You Have Her Friend.

You shall never know my friend.

Well i know that when a girl is flirting she will touch your arm or laugh louder than normal. if a girl is just your friend she will treat you as if you are a friend.

You let her know that you like her.Find out if she likes you too.

i dont know i even dont know him

You need to ask her if you need to know.

i know who is the girl friend of vivian. vhibz is not his real girl friend this is just kidng vivian's girlfriend should be as beautiful as he is............................

If you constantly check her out, think about her or want to kiss her.

Add her as a friend and chat with her.

It means that this girl wants to know how you feel about her. For example, a friend, more than a friend, or you hate her.

explain your mistake to your bestfriend, and let them know you're truthfully sorry about going out with the girl.

girl friend is a friend that is girl and not a best friend and girl friend is best friend

You know because she is always by you or sometimes tries to be your friend.

as long as it takes for you to really know you like her

Talk to your friend first, let him know you like the same girl. Be yourself, respectful and honest. Who does the girl like?

you wanna be his girl friend dont you. well go chose anther one girl friend

that means that the guy is interested in the girl and that the guy wants the girl to know but he is kind of shy to tell the girl so he tells his friend to tell you. is that girl you though? becasue i dont really understand this question.