How do you know if your PC's motherboard has an integrated sound card?

The way you can tell if your PC motherboard has a built on sound card is by looking at the ports on the back of the PC. Above is a picture of a sound card. You will see blue, black, green, orange, pink, and grey colors the colors you see are the sound ports where you plug in your mic, headphone/speakers etc.

You can tell if a PC motherboard has an integrated sound card by looking at the connectors in the back. If you find a group of 3-6 audio sockets at the bottom of the motherboard (left side of the rear of the PC), it does. If you cannot find these sockets, or you find them in the expansion card area in one of the slots, then it doesn't have integrated sound. The standard color for regular stereo output is green, and the pink socket is for a microphone. The others vary in function and are for line-in, line-out, and surround sound.