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How do you know if your TiVo parental controls are on?

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2015-07-15 19:03:28
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The padlock icon is locked. If you attempt to view or delete a program that is a part of your parental controls, you'll be prompted to enter a password. When you enter the correct password, Parental Controls are temporarily disabled.

Additional notes about TiVo parental controls:

  • If they are temporarily disabled, the padlock is open. You can view any program, but a password is required to change any parental controls.
  • If they are Off the padlock is open and dim. Anyone can view or record any channels and no password is required to change Parental Control settings. If you turn them back on, a new password is required.


Why should I use Parental Controls? Parental Controls allow you to filter programs you deem inappropriate for your children to watch. You can lock channels and set rating limits for movies and television shows. You'll have better control over what your children watch and feel more comfortable about their viewing habits when they watch TV.

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Yes, it does have parental controls.

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Parental controls is a feature where you can limit what you can do on electronics.

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you have to go to the options ( parental control options ) and type in the password that is set. after you type it in then you can set the new password or turn off parental controls. you have to know the password to set parental controls off

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go on services and parental controls and then you will be able to reset the parental controls.

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To put parental controls on a computer, it usually requires a password, if you don't know it then your out of luck :P But if you do, then you go to the Control Panel and click Parental/Use controls and you will be able to figure it out from there. Different computers sometimes have a different way of getting to them.

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