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ask them,

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Q: How do you know if your best friend likes your boyfriend?
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How can you tell your boyfriend likes your best friend?

If your boyfriend likes your best friend he is always around her, and only is around you when your with her/him. If he asks "Is Alice there?" And you say no and he doesn't come.. Or if you say yes and he does.. Then, you know he likes her.

What does it mean when a girl who is a friend kisses you and another guy but has a boyfriend?

She likes you and that other guy and her boyfriend but does not know who she likes best.

What do you do if your friends boyfriend likes someone else and your friend really likes the guy and you know who your friend's boyfriend likes?

tell your friend

What do you do when you like your boyfriend and his best friend and his best friend likes you too?

First you need to decide who you like more but don't make a move on your boyfriend's best friend until you know you're absolutely sure you like his best friend. If you don't like your boyfriend's best friend then forget about him and focus on your boyfriend that you have now and remember never cheat.

What do you if you are in love with your best friends boyfriend and he likes you to?

Don't go there! He is going out with your best friend. But then maybe you to belong together as you both are lying to her.

Your best friend likes your boyfriend?

At least you know she likes him. I would try to keep them separated. Hopefully you trust your boyfriend. Hopefully he wouldn't be tempted to cheat on you.

How do you know when your friend likes your boyfriend?

its kind of hard to know if your best friend likes your boyfriend but, its easy at the same time. The easiest way to know is if your best friend were to tell you as to like your boyfriend is being a jerk,or if hes treating you bad you need to dump him as soon as you can. or anything stupid and simple like that. another easy way is if your friend was hanging out with you or let me rephrase that if she was hanging out with YOUR boyfriend then she totally likes him. you need to tell her b!cth if you dont step away from my man then i will find your boyfriend and f*ck him stupid!

A girl cheats on her boyfriend with you She then cheats again with your best friend How do you know who she likes more?

You no how by watching what they do. The girl probably likes the best-friend more because she wants to make you mad and date your best fiend. Your Welcome.

What should you do when your best friend likes your boyfriend?

I am in that exact situation where my best friend likes my boyfriend, at first I was really surprised cause she always said that she hated him, but I talked to her about it and I am ok with it now because my bestfriend would never think about stealing my boyfriend. If you feel like you can't trust your friend or best friend then maybe you should have a talk with your best friend, and if she trys to steal your boyfriend after that then she isn't really a good friend. You need to let your boyfriend know how this is making you feel and clairify with him that he would never leave you for her! You are beautiful and keep your boyfriend close to you and your best friend but only if she is willing to keep her paws of your boyfriend!

What if your best friend and you are not as close as you use to be and now you like he ex boyfriend and you think he likes you to but you don't know if you could do that to her what should you do?

Be boyfriend & girlfriend. Your friend shouldn't care because he is her OLD or EX boyfriend:-)

What if you have a boyfriend and your best friend is Valentine's with your boyfriend?

you need to ask your friend what is the meaning of it? did your friend know he was your boyfriend and did your boyfriend know that she was your friend. You cant always jump to conclusions first get the information and facts

How can you tell if your boyfriend's friend likes you?

Hang on a you like your boyfriend? Or is he second best? Do you think that your boyfriend would be OK with it if he knew how you really felt about him? If not, break up with him, regardless of whether or not his friend likes you! Now if you want to know if the likes you, read the related question "How can you tell if a boy likes you?". But don't even think about that until you break up with your current boyfriend! -DJ Craig

If my boyfriend keeps calling me by my best friend's name does it mean he likes her?

maybe. or maybe he means he doesn't know your name. or maybe he's cheating on you with your best friend. why don't you ask him?

How do you know when your boyfriend likes your friend?

If he talks about her regularly. Also if he is always around her.

What do you do if you know your best friend's boyfriend is cheating on her but your boyfriend's friends will hate you if you tell?

Well think of it this way: Who is more important to you? Your best friend or your boyfriend's friends?

What is the best present to get your boyfriend?

Know what he likes before you get him somethig

Your straight best friend has a boyfriend but you know she likes you how can you make her choose you?

dont make her choose you just wait intill she breaks up with her current boyfriend that way their wont be a fight

Is it wrong to be jealous of your boyfriends best friend because he knows more about your boyfriend than you do?

no it is not right to be jealous of your boyfriends best friend because he has known him for over a decade and there are things that you will learn so you know as much about your boyfriend but there are things that you know about your boyfriend that his best friend does not

How do you know if your guy best friend likes me?

You ask him.

What do you do if you think your boyfriend likes your best friend?

Talk to him about it, if he does its better to know then to always be wondering and if he doesn't, then you've nothing to worry about. It may also be a good idea to ask your friend what she thinks about him.

How do you know if the girl that is your best friend likes you as more than a friend?

Ask her.

How do you know when your best friend likes you?

well you have to ask yourself,do you like your friend?

How does your friend get a boyfriend?

well first of all your friend gets to know the guy she likes and then he ask her out and they start dating. Then they are a couple.

How do you know if your boyfriend is using you to get closer to your Bff which is his ex crush?

If he seems interested and keeps asking if you and your friend could hang out together then that means he likes your friend not you, what boyfriend would want to be with you AND your friend?? A real boyfriend that likes you would want to be alone with you, he wouldn't want to be with your friends or even his friends.

How do you tell if my boyfriend is cheating?

if he is spending less time on u or if he is really good friends with your best friend and he calls her more than you and your best friend (BACKSTABBER)tellsu she likes him then u know something is going on...................okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

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