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  • If your girlfriend hangs around with you and your best friend it is difficult to tell if they are friends or if your best friends really wants her. As long as your girlfriend is with you and treats you well it does not much matter whether your best friend wants her or not.
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I think my girlfriend is falling in love with my best friend and I don't know what to do since I'm in love with her?

You should share your concern with your girlfriend and ask her directly that what she wants from your relationship. Also ask your best friend to help clear the matter. If he is also interested in your girlfriend then maybe its better to dump both of them. Since a true friend/girlfriend will never do so to you.

Why he wants you if he has a girlfriend?

He wants the girl he's in love with not the girlfriend he has and only strongly likes. I should know because my best friend Hunter has a gf and the way he acts around me proves that he's in love with me and only strongly likes her.

How do you know if your ex best friend wants to be your friend again specificHELP?

well, if she really wants to be your friend again shes just gonna come out and say it.

How do you know if your girlfriend want's your best friend?

You will never know for sure unless you learn to communicate and come right out and ask your girlfriend how she feels about your best friend. If she is spending more time with him than you or they are meeting at different places then you are in control of the situation and you should be sure you let your girlfriend and friend know that you are no longer accepting this behavior.

What to do if your girlfriend get is in a relationship with your best friend?

You know your girlfriend better than most (with the exception of her parents or any siblings) and if she is not the type of young woman that has never cheated before then she has made a mistake. If she wants to come back to you realize she is just human and humans make some bad mistakes. If she is still in the relationship with your best friend then it is your best friend you should be angry at and it is best to walk away from both of them.

Would a boy like you if your are her best friend but you know he has a girlfriend but you dont know who?

Yes! The guy i like has a girlfriend and we are good friends and i don't know who his girlfriend is but he said that he liked me. So there is hope!!

How do i sleep with best friend's girlfriend?

Doing that doesn't make you much of a friend. Does he know how little of a friend you really are?

How do you know if your best friend likes your girlfriend?

you'll know if he hits you with a book for her spend ALL of his time with

How do you know if a guy likes a friend of his best friends girlfriend?

he probally would talk about her and stare at her or make fun or talk bad about her. He will always want to hang around his best friend and his girlfriend, and he will constantly chat to his best friend and girlfriend to catch the attention of the girl he likes. Male dynamics :) *sigh*

How do you know if a guy that is your friend likes you or if he just wants to be friends?

Well see if he has a girlfriend and if he doesn't ask him if he will go out with you sometime

How to know your gf only wants you?

You know your girlfriend wants you when she is affectionate with you, wants to spend time with you, and loves you.

Why would your ex girlfriend best friend not want to talk to you after her girlfriend got a job considering that in tough time you were able to discuss with her how to help your girlfriend?

There is something going on that you don't know about ( Id say) between your x girlfriend and the x girlfriends best Friend. Best bet is that the Xgirlfriend said to her friend " don't talk to my x boyfriend anymore.

What do you give a best friend for cristmas?

It depends on what that best friend wants. If you know him/her well enough you should know. An inside joke, friendship bonding items or something he/she is interested in

What does it mean when your girl friend says she doesnt know if she wants to break up or not?

It means that she has no idea if she wants to be with you anymore. If you still want her as a girlfriend then you need to change your ways.

How can i know if my girlfriend wants to kiss with tongue?

well first when you are kissing her u put your tongue out and if she doesn't back then that means she doesn't wan't to .or u can ask your best friend to ask for u....

Is Aston Merrygold lookin 4 a girlfriend?

yea i know him he was me best friend until he went on x factor :( he is looking for a girlfriend

How should you console your best friend when he is suspicious about his girlfriend?

Just being there and listening as a good friend is about all you can do. If your best friend really needs to know about the suspicions he has about his girlfriend then he should perhaps follow her to find out what she is up too so he will know for sure because he could be worrying over nothing.

What does it means when My ex boyfriend has a girlfriend who i think he loves her and he still calls me and tells me that he loves me and misses me and that he doesnt know what he wants from me?

face the facts girl he dont know what he wants and dont care enough to figure it out or he would be with you so find his best friend and sleep with him it will give you closure.

What do you do when you are falling for your boy best friend but he has a girlfriend?

If he is your best friend, surely you tell him everything, so be honest and tell him how you feel. That way you know where you stand and you never know, he might like you too.

How can you tell if your best guy friend likes you but he already has a girlfriend?

You call him your best guy friend, but if you don't know whether he likes you or not, he's just a guy that you like a lot. If he already has a girlfriend, he likes her more than he likes you. That doesn't mean he doesn't like you. If you remain friends with him, and he doesn't remain such good friends with his girlfriend, he may decide that he wants you to be his girlfriend. Of course, by that time, you may already have another boyfriend who is better than he.

How would you know your best friend is in love with you but he's involve with somebody who he doesn't love?

He is not your boyfriend if he is with someone else and he's with that person because he wants too. It is to your best interest to move on and forget this person as he is using not only his girlfriend, but you as well.

Is she your girlfriend?

Well to know if she wants to be ur girlfriend she might chase u or laugh at u that means she wants to date u and be ur girlfriend

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