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How do you know if your brakes need replacing?

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When you are driving slowly with your foot off the brakes you will hear a scraping noise. The noise will go away when you apply the brakes. What you are hearing is the wear indicators making contact with the rotor surface after the pad lining have worn down to a certain level. Not all brakes uses wear indicators. VBD

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Why do your brakes click when you come to a stop?

There is a warning indicater on the brake pads to let you know they need replacing.

Why do brake calibrators need replacing?

brakes do not release

What happen to brakes overtime?

The pads or shoes wear out and need replacing.

How do you know if you need the front or back brakes replacing?

When you're brake pads be calm worn, they will have a slight shimmy when you apply the brakes. When the brake pads are completely worn out they will make a grinding noise.

How often should brakes be replaced on a car?

Brake pads have audible wear tabs that make a screeching noise when the pads need replacing, some luxury cars(all bmws) have sensors that let you know when they need replacing.

After replacing front pads and rotors do you still need to bleed the brakes?

No you dont have to. All I did was was pump the brakes with the car running

Does the front part of the drive shaft on a 1997 4x4 F350 need to be removed when replacing brakes and rotors?

No, the brakes have nothing to do with the drive shaft.

Do you need to bleed rear drum brakes after replacing the front disk brakes?

Only if the rear system was opened where it may have gotten air in the lines.

Why wont the wheel move after replacing brakes?

brakes are over adjusted

What tools are needed to replace Saturn brakes?

To replace brakes effectively, you need to know what type of brakes you have. In general, you will need a jack, new brakes, a wrench and Allen wrenches.

What causes the noise when you apply the brakes on a 2001 crv?

They are equipped with a "telltale" warning that shrieks when the brakes are applied, with the brake pads are too low and need replacing.

Do brakes pads and discs need replacing after 23000 miles on a C3 Citroen?

They need replacing when they wear out. They could wear out at 23,000 miles if you drive hard with lots of stops or ride the brake with your foot. It is not normal for them to need replacing that quickly but it all depends on how you drive.

What is the problem that requires you to put your foot all the way down on the brakes on your Vauxhall Corsa for them to work?

Brakes need adjusting? Pads need replacing? Caliper frozen? Low brake fluid level and need to be bled?

Need to know about front disc brakes on a 1999 ford escort zx2?

What do you need to know?

Squeaking noise when brakes are applied on 2002 dodge?

Inspect the brake pads. They are probably worn out and need replacing.

Why does the car brakes squeal except when you hit the brake?

Your brakes are telling you they need replacing soon. They have a built in "squealer" designed to make a noise when the pad wear is nearing the end.

How complicated is drum brake removal?

If you do not know how to do this then you should leave it to a mechanic. Replacing drum brakes is not an easy task anyways.

How often should brakes be replaced?

that depends on how often you drive. best way to determine if brakes need changing, is to look at brake fluid resevoir. if level is low, your linings are worn and either need replacing or renewing

How do you tell if your brake pads are bad?

If you are driving and you hear a high pitch squeeling/screaching sound but when you apply the brakes the sound stops your brakes need replacing, this is called your brake squeeler.

Replacing taillite on 2005 chevorlot silveraldo?

What about it? What do you need to know?

After replacing the starter on 1995 Saturn it still wont start?

We need more info. Need to know the symptoms. Need to know what it does and does not do.

Why do a 1997 Trans Am wheel squeek even after replacing brakes and discs?

Try replacing your brake calipers.

Why are your rear brakes squeaking if you just had the pads and rotors for both the front and back?

If it is a Toyota, they do not know how to fix the squeaking brakes either. Even after replacing all the pads and machining the rotors and rear drums

How do you know when you need new brakes?

when the old ones stop working

How do you adjust brake imbalanced?

We would need to know what type of brakes you have... S-cam air brakes, air disc brakes, air piston brakes, air wedge brakes, hydraulic drum brakes, hydraulic disc brakes... they're all different.