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Usually you bleed after words because your hymen, which is basically a thin piece of skin, has been torn. Otherwise go to a gyno and they'll let you know.


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If you've had a penis inside then your 'cherry' (hymen) has 'been popped'.

When your cherry is popped, you break the hymen, which is a mucus membrane that covered the vaginal opening.

Yea becauSe Im pregnAnt now and never had my cherry popped

If you've had sex then you've popped your cherry, as it's a slang term for losing your virginity.

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No your ''cherry'' doesnt have to get popped for you to get pregnate. There has been reports of ''virgin'' births. It can happen it the sperm gets inside.

really , only a girl can get her cherry popped ( when she lose's her virginity ) but , in they gay world . when a boy is having there first time having anal sex . they tend to say i got my cherry popped .

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If you happen to be refering to having your cherry popped that refers to the hymen, have a look

No "having your cherry popped" is slang for having sexual intercourse and breaking the hymen. There is a small opening in your hymen that allows menstruation to happen.

No it doesnt.. when mine was a suprise but not painful

you will start bleeding temperarily

Her cherry, When the man goes in he feels a gush and that's when he has popped her cherry.

When your cherry gets pops nothing really happens but all that does happens is that when you have sex it means you have popped your cherry -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When you pop your cherry, it is when your hymen is popped. This usually happens when you have sexual intercourse for the first time or you have masturbated repeatedly. Your hymen is the membrane that surrounds the vagina opening.

You would have sex. A "popped cherry" is slang for tearing a woman's hymen and losing virginity. So if you have sex for the first time, then you lose your virginity, and usually tear the hymen.

The best way is to respectfully ask her.some women will feel it and it will hurt. they might start bleeding. other women don't even know that it happened in which case the male will not know if he did or not. it depends on the woman, but sometimes it doesn't take much to pop a cherry. you don't necessarily have to have intercourse to have your cherry popped. it can be popped by a tampon or being fingered.

I dont know why your stomach would hurt but no, the pain literally lasts for like 3 seconds when you pop your cherry and you may bleed a little but that's normal.

yes, and virgins are able to get pregnant.

Most of the time women don't know since it can break during sports etc but if you have sexual intercourse and the hymen is still intact, it will break then.

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