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A distributor cap on a vehicle might be bad if the car is shaking more than normal. Other signs include stalling after the car has been running, squealing and rpm's running high.

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Q: How do you know if your distributor cap is bad?
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What are symptoms of bad distributor cap?

The distributor cap is important to the performance of the car's engine. Some symptoms of a bad distributor cap are stalling, backfiring, shaking, and a high pitched squealing noise.

What would cause no spark in 1986 Toyota pickup?

Bad coil? Bad distributor cap? Bad distributor rotor?

What causes a distributor to send no sparks and if there other part that send sparks to a 1991 Honda accord?

Bad distributor Bad coil Bad distributor cap Bad rotor

1993 Ford Aerostar 3.0L engine not getting spark?

Bad coil? Bad distributor rotor? Bad distributor cap?

Could it be the distributor cap problem in a 2004 Chevy truck.?

I don't know what your specific problem is, but there is no distributor cap.

How do you install distributor cap if the screws are bad?

Replace the screws.

Why does the spark plugs not get spark but the distributor gets power on a 1992 jetta?

Bad ignition rotor? Bad distributor cap? Bad ignition wires?

What causes distributor to arc in 98 gmc 1500?

Cracked distributor cap or bad plug wires

Where can you find the Spark plug positions on distributor?

Number 1 plug position will be listed on the cap. Now if you know the firing order, and you know the direction the distributor is turning, you then will know plug positions as connected to the distributor cap.

Why is it there is no spark in the spark plug leads?

If you know that there is spark at the distributor cap then I would think it would be bad spark plug leads.

Why is your Dodge Grand Caravan not firing?

Bad coil? Bad rotor? Bad distributor cap? Bad Ballast resistor?

Where is the distributor cap on 2003 galant?

It does not have a DISTRIBUTOR OR CAP

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