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Dogs normally stop eating when they have had enough. My dog gets his bowl put down twice a day - breakfast and dinner. Some times he just sniffs it and walks away and sometimes he tucks in! but as soon as he's walked away from the bowl i i tidy it away - so that he can't just help himself whenever he feels like it! its supposed to be good for training too - the fact that you're the 'master' and you decide when to give him his food hope that helps! k

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Why does a dog pee on a lap?

Thats more typical for puppies, because they are usually nervous.A full grown dog, I dont know.

Do dogs know when their full?

I'm pretty sure they know when they are full because 1ce my dog was eating and then stop and left the food.(i'm not sure why) Im'm not sure why, but when I am SURE I know the answer, I'll let you know. I hope I helped you!

How do you know your dog is full breed?

you cant unless you get it DNA tested or you see both parents & the paper work stating that he/she is full blooded.

Full of classification dog?

Kingdom: Dog You

Can you still get papers on a dog without know the mom and dad of the dog?

No you cannot. You would need to know the full registered names of both the sire and dam & they both would need to be registered with the AKC.

How do you cook with curry?

a slice of freashly cooked kitten nipples a bowl full of dog bits ya know ... <3 anda cup full of laughter

What weight more a pig or dog?

A full grown pig easily outweighs a full grown dog.

What is a blue tick?

A blue tick is actually a dog. Unless there is a bug i don't know. :) The blue ticks full name is Bluetick Coonhound, which originated in Tennessee and is the state dog of Tennessee.

Is air bud the dog on full house?

Yes, the dog in the hit tv show full house is the exact dog in which airs on the Disney movie air bud!

Who plays Stan the dog in dog with a blog?

Stephen Full is the v0ice of Stan on Dog With a Blog.

Dog on full house?


How do you know how old a dog is?

To know how old your dog is you must know the date your dog was born and what the date is today and then you know how old your dog is.get the dogs age in human years, then multiply that by seven... that should give you the dog's dog year age...

Where can you find Crysis 2 multiplayer dog tag full list?

The full list of Crysis 2 multiplayer dog tag (dog tags) can be viewed at the related link below.

Why do you dream about a dog full of fleas?

The dream represents a situation full of problems. The "dog" might represent a project, idea, person or group.

How do you know if your dog is in labor?

how do i know if my dog is in laborthere are bloody puppies on your floor

How old is dog?

I don't believe that how old is dog is the same because DOG is a person you know "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Duane Dog Chapman? Anyways if you know how Old Dog Chapman is you can answer

What is the full form of dog?

donkey of goat

How do you know if a dog is right for you?

If it has your personality,you know it would be a good dog for you. If you move a lot, best to choose a dog who is energetic.

What is dog the bounty hunter's real full name?

Duane Lee "Dog" Chapman

How do i know if my dog gets sea sick?

If your dog gets seasick believe me you will know

How does the dog know where the blind person is?

The dog is trained to know where its owner is. At all times.

How do you know if your dog has a torn retina?

The only way to know is to take the dog to the vet.

How do you know when your dog will not get any taller?

when he stops growing . most dogs reach full size around 1 and a half to 2 years old ..

What was the real name of the dog who played Comet on the TV show Full House?

They actually used two dogs. Buddy is the main the dog, and the other Dog's real name is Ajax. If you did not know this that the dog that plays Comet which is Buddy, Buddy also has movie that he appears in and the movie is called Air Bud the basketball playing dog. We can check the credits on Air Bud. And it will list the dog that plays Buddy. In the Air Bud movie official number 2 is Buddy's owner. I did check the credits on Air Bud and the dog the plays Air Bud the dogs real name is Buddy, and I did not even know that he was the dog that plays comet on Full house

Is my dog diabetic?

I do not know if your dog is a diabetic. You will have to take your dog to the vet and have the doctor look at the dog.