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If he misses you, he will call you and text you without you having to prompt him. He will make excuses to call and talk to you, he will make excuses to see you, and it will be obvious he misses you.

In general, if he says that he's too "busy" to call you or see you, it means that he's just not that interested. Even a guy who has had 2 hours of sleep and is entrenched in work will make the effort to come and see you IF he ACTUALLY missed you.

So if you haven't seen an effort on his part, just move on and save yourself heartache. Throw away his pictures, delete his pictures from your computer, don't call him (makes you seem desperate, pushes him further), don't talk to his friends, and seriously work on loving yourself again and work on finding someone that will truly love you.

You may think that guys can change, but this hurt will never leave you. If a guy truly loved you, you wouldn't ever have to even wonder if he misses you or if he is still into you. Even if it's hard, you must move on... if you ever plan on falling in love again.

Another answerAlso, if he stares at you all the time, flirts with you and calls or texts you all the time. Alsoif he really did miss you he would never have broken up with you in the first place, so he probably doesn't
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How do you know when your boyfriend misses you?

You will know when your boyfriend misses you. If he calls text or try's every opportunity to see you he's not stalking you he just wants to be with you.

What to do when your friend misses her sister?

Comfort her have her talk to you about it, I don't know why she misses her or anything so this is kind of hard

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Ask him oxx...

Why does he say he still misses you after two years?

The reason he still misses you is either he wishes he would not have broken up with you. He says he misses you because he really does or he says he misses you as a means of manipulating you. You know him best. You tell me.

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when his going out with another girl

How do I know if my Baby Father misses me I left him if he won't show it or admit it We have gone back and forth for 13 years?

you pretty much dont really know if he misses you or not, but im not with my baby daddy either and i can tell that he misses me because he always be trying to make me jealous.

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How do you know if your exboyfriend still loves you?

if he still calls and wants to spend time with you, i think it's safe to say that he still loves you.

How do you know if your Exboyfriend still love you?

If you Ex tries to contact you again and again without any reason, then it means he is still interested in you.

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How do you if your ex misses you?

You may feel very good when you get to know that your ex misses you because this is human nature to make her feel that you were the one who loved her truly and now she repents that she left you.

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It means that you still have some level of emotional attachment with this exboyfriend. The dream is a nudge from your own mind urging you to let go and move on with your life.

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It means she misses the person just as much as the deserts misses the rain.. You know, cause there's no water in the desert...

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Nothing. They are perfectly entitled to remain friends. You only need to worry if they start behaving as if they were together again.

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