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There is always only one answer to this and it's "communication." If she's not seeing someone else phone her and see if she will meet with you. If she does then discuss your relationship together. You risk the fact she may not want to get back with you at all, but then again, what if she does and neither of you have communicated this. At least you will have your answer one way or the other. Good luck Marcy

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Q: How do you know if your ex-girlfriend wants to get back together?
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How do you know if your boyfriend is using you to get back with his exgirlfriend?

when he takes u somewhere unexpected and he acts weird just because

How do you know she wants to get back together?

When she comes back sighing and holds ur hand and breaks down!!! It's wut i used to do!!!

Your x wants to get back together but you already have another boyfriend he dose not know that what do you do?

You be loyal to the bf you already have,

What to do if this guy tell you he likes you and now he back with his exgirlfriend what should you do you need help?

he sounds like a jerk to me........cause no boy should ever tell a girl they like her and then get back with his exgirlfriend. Don't worry about it. He just wanted a girl by his side so he could get his exgirlfriend jealous. One way or another, he still have feelings for his exgirlfriend. I don't mean for you to get upset or anything, but its just the truth and your better off without him................just walk past him in the hall with your pride and he'll know that he messed with the wrong girl ;)

How do you know if a guy wants to get back together with you?

He will try contacting you and being around you when possible as well as flirt with you. You will know by the way he still treats you.

How can you tell if an ex wants to get back together or just wants to be friends?

The best way to know for sure and be sure without searching for signs or expecting anything is to sitdown together and talk to one another to see what one another wants if anything or if there is a chance of reconciliation - if not then you know now and can move forward.

How do you know if she is she is still interested?

If she still flirts with you, go and talk to her friends and see if she talks about you or if she told them she wants to get back together with you.

How do you know if someone wants you when there ex is trying to get back together with them?

by them either asking you or them acting all cuddly and staying close to you

I told my exgirlfriend how i felt about her which ment for me that i wanted to take her back but she said she dont know how she feels about me and said that she has a boyfriend?

You have let her know how you feel. All you can do now is to accept her response and move on.

What does it mean if your ex calls you a month after your break up and asks how you are doing but does not mention getting back together?

Well it doesn't necessarily mean that he wants you back although he might. It could just mean that he wants to know how your doing and whats new with you. He might feel bad about the break up and wants to know how your holding up. :)

How do you know when your ex wants to get back together?

If your ex wants to get back together with you then they will contact you. Don't sit around waiting, but get out with friends and have some fun and get back into dating again. If your ex sees you dating that may be enough to put some fire under them to contact you sooner. If you are meant to be together it will happen and if not then it means there is someone else who you will meet in the future that will your true love.

How do you get back together with you ex if you know he wants to get back together and you hang out in the same place everyday but he won't talk to you without being sarcastic?

Well you would have to be more serious with him and maybe he will start being srios!♥

How do you know when an ex-boyfriend wants you back?

He says, "I want you back."

Can you be friends with a woman you love she knows i love her we broke up twice keep getting back together This is the third time over 2 years Wants to know if am seeing anyone What does she want?

she wants you to ask her out.

My ex keeps telling me that he doesn't know if he wants to get back what should you do?

My advice is to get back together again for a brief fling and then you will remember why you separated. This is called a "Dead-Cat Bounce". Then go on with your life.

How do i know if my ex guy wants me back?

If he sees you very often ,then he wants you back.but,you will have to wait.

How do you know if your exboyfreind wants you back?

you know he wants u back if... he says he misses u... or wants to hang a lot... or talk to u everyday... and if he gives u hugs and wants to talk about ur past relationship... nononono if he want's he treats you like he does me

How do you know when you ex wants you back?

If he's still calling ..

What do you do if you break up with a boy and he still likes you?

if you break up with a boy and you know for sure that he likes you then he clearly wants to get back together if its not true sry not a love expert

How do you know when your ex boyfriend wants you back?

1. He starts calling you. 2. He so happens to be at every place that you're at 3. He wants to be friends but wants to hang out with you all the time 4. He said he wants to get back with you

What does it mean when a guy says he wants to see you ante He said he wants to see me ante but I don't know what ante means Help?

It means that he likes you and he wants to know if you like him back.

What can you do when you broke up mutually and she got back with her ex and is unhappy and she says she still loves you and you still love her and want to get back together with her?

What it means is that she was trying to find comfort and security out of her old ways. She obviously is confused and doesn't know what she wants. Be very careful, because as the old saying goes..."if the dog bites once, it'll bite again". However, now that she is unhappy while being back with her ex-boyfriend, mabye she has realized what she lost when you broke up now that it is gone. If you both still love each other and consider getting back together, do it only if you both are very sure of this. If she THINKS that she wants to get back together, wait until she KNOWS that she wants to get back together. Otherwise, walk away. Am I right?

What if your boyfriend wants space?

just give him space if he wants it and if he doesn't come back you know how much of a prick he was :)

How do you know when your boyfriend wants to be back with you when you guys are on a break?

* He will call you up to your mobile. * try to talk to you. * help you in prolems. * do everything for you. * these are the ways when your boyfriend wants to be back to you.

His overseas on a holiday and his sleeping around with other girls you broke up and he keeps calling that he misses you Does this mean he wants to get back together?

Probably, He probably feel bad for cheating and wants to get back with you. If you do, i know it will be hard to trust him and you'll just have to see if you can ever fully trust him for the relationship to work.

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