How do you know if your ex still has feelings for you if you broke up two years ago and then became friends again?


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Take things slow and let nature take it's course. It's adviseable for you to sit down and write down a list as to why you both split up in the first place. It takes two to split up so you also have to do a list on yourself to see what you might have done differently before you split up. We all have to mature constantly throughout our lives, so once those two lists are made up, put them away for 3 - 4 days and then drag them out. You'll have your answer. I know of a couple of friends who split up and got back together. When my husband and I first went together we had gone together for about 3 years and I wasn't going to hang around unless we had a future to look forward to. We split up for 6 months and then he came back begging me to marry him. We have been happily married for 33 years. We are still maturing and still learning and will until the day we die. Give this a chance, but be sure he's worth it. If both just didn't get along and perhaps younger and not as mature then it's worth a second chance. Your ex is in your life again for a reason. He/she is not sure how they feel at this point, but like a true homing pigeon they just can't live without ya! Good luck Marcy


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I highly doubt it unless you are dating again. Ya'll are just friends for now.

If you were a jerk to her you can't. She might not ever talk to you again. But if you broke up for other reasons, talk to her and explain your feelings.

i have been in this position many times... you may like a girl, but if they are friends... then more than likely she still has feelings for him... best way to approach this is to be her best friend... and eventually she will have better feelings with you, or you can just step up and ask her out... but wait till shes ready to have a boyfriend

Tell him of your feelings or get out with some friends and forget about it.

theres nothing wrong with that a bunch of people dated there best friends cousin and that's how they became friends and they still are even though they broke up but they all became friends

first apologize for yelling at him, the ask him why he broke up with you and if you can control your self and not yell at him again, the tell him you still want to be friends

Apologise to your friend for whatever you did and say you want to be friends again.

No, there's a reason either you broke up with him or he broke up with you and trying to be like friends with someone you broke up with is very awkward so there's no point.

maybe he still has feelings for you . I think that he is just trying to hide his feelings about you. The only way he can do that is if he completely ignores you, jokes you and won't even talk to you. I think when he is all happy again, you shold ignore him. That's wat i would do.

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Yes. I myself have done the same thing, but she was my first love. It's only natural to have feelings for your first love.

Just be friends with him because if you try to get him to go back out with you then he might not even want to be your friend anymore.

Say you never got over him and ask if he wants to hang out. If you want you can do the "just friends" act.

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Some feelings may be gone for good, or some feelings may just be momentarily forgotten. In a situation like this, she may have her eyes on someone else and that is why she has no feelings anymore. That is just speculation though. You could always try to be a little more romantic, thoughtful, or caring. You could find out if it is something you could fix, but if not, move on. You may be able to be friends, but just as long as you know where she stands. Don't become friends only because you hope she will be with you again one day. If she finds someone else, it will hurt you if that is what you are waiting for. Yes, some couples break up and stay friends, but keep that in mind.

Not often - if he said he doesn't have feelings for you chances are that he doesn't anymore at this time. Guys don't put too much thought into such feelings.

she most likely has strong feelings towards this guy and if this guy has strong feelings towards her he should express it to her in a way that is appropiate but if the guy is not feeling the same way he needs to let her know that they can be friends so she does not get led on and have her feelings hurt or her heart broke

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It means he wants to be friends and she might want to start dating u again but don't ask her that just say yea

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It really depends on why they wanted to stop being friends with you. I would suggest talking to them and telling them that you still want to be friends. If they say no then don't pester them. Move on and find better friends who'll appreciate you for who you are!

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