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Have Sex With her If She Screams You Know That She Likes Your Cock And If You Really Want To Know What A Scream Sounds Like Listen To Luke Making His ( euughh euughh euughh ) sounds. By Corey Brown == ==

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What is the best sex like you need to know wat to do to your girlfriend?

Anal Sex.

What question you put to girl that you know loved me or not?

you say.... lets have sex then u have sex and she enjoys it and has to say she loves you :) hope this helps

How do you take control when your girlfriend and you are alone and she wants some?

First thing first, evaluate your feelings first, such as: Do you want to have sex with your girlfriend or do you not want to stay sex free until you truly want to have sex? If you are alone with your girlfriend and you seem to find yourself in this situation again; ask your girlfriend what does she want to do and if sex is her answer, then talk about it. This is your time to tell her your views on sex: if you want to have it or not. Then both of you should get a clear understanding of your needs. No matter what you do: Be safe!!!!!

Will a nympho girlfriend cheat on you?

Just because a girlfriend enjoys sexual relations with you does not make her a nymphomaniac anymore than it does many men who simply think and sleep about sex. There is no indication that just because she has high sexual needs she will cheat on you.

What gender enjoys sex more?

It's impossible to know since no one person has the ability to compare orgasms between men and women to know which one has it better.

How do you know if you are really and truly gay?

If you are "really and truly gay", all or almost all of your sexual fantasies will be about people of the same sex. You will occasionally have the same sort of "off balance" feeling in the presence of an attractive person of the same sex that heterosexuals have in the presence of the opposite sex.

How can you preshure your girlfriend into sex?

Pressuring your girlfriend into sex isn't ever a good thing. If your going out with your girlfriend for the sole reason of sex, then she doesn't deserve someone like you.Maybe if you sat your girlfriend down and spoke to her about sex then she might loosen up a bit about sex.:D

You have been in a relationship for nearly 2 years now and you want to know whether he truly loves you like he says?

you ask "do you truly love me" then he says yes and you have sex.

How can you know that your girlfriend is not virgin?

Have sex with her! If she has pain and bleeds (and she isn't on her period) she WAS a virgin! But not anymore. :P

How can you know your ex girlfriend still loves you?

Request for sex, if she declines, she does not love u anymore

Is a man lying if he says he loves you and enjoys sex with you but wants you to try sex with him and other couples?

Not necessarily, but if him bringing that up makes you uncomfortable, you need to let him know that. So you can talk to him about it and sort out how you and he are feeling. If you don't talk to him you will never know for sure!

Do you like to kiss?

Everyone enjoys to kiss. it eventually turns to sex!!!

Does arol sex feel good from a womans perspective?

There are women who does not want oral sex but the majority enjoys receiving it.

What can you do if you know your girlfriend is not virgin?

Does it really bother you? You can't turn back time, but you can be the best sex she ever had

How do you know your girlfriend is a virgin?

You know that your girlfriend is a virgin as you ask her or she tells you.Either way it doesn't matter, a virgin is no different to someone who has had sex.

What is Septembers element?

I know look inside your private look for something wet have sex with your brothers girlfriend or your sisters boyfriend and then you'll know.

Is it cool to talk to sex offenders on myspace even though you are cool?

No it is not. You never know where they are or how truly old they are. And never give out your info even if you know the person.

What is a sexual person?

Usually a person who enjoys sex with or without emotional involvement.

Who enjoys sex more?

People who care about their partners pleasure as much as their own.

What does sexual active mean?

It means that the person still enjoys and has sex often.

How do you know that your girlfriend is vergin?

Well when you have sex for the first time you have to go through some thin skin and it will tear

What should you do if your ex cheated on his girlfriend with you lied to you about it admited it apologized to you but his girlfriend has no idea?

It means he is playing both sides of the fence. If you like the sex and don't care about the girlfriend go for it. However keep in mind that you would be wise to practice safer sex because you will never know where he had the thing last.

What shoes did Henry Hudson wear?

bad sex <- common at least be a bit more mature. truly dear I don't know.

Do your boyfriend need to know that a Sexual harassment happend to you?

Yes, if you love your boyfriend and he loves you truly. Then your boyfriend will not pressure you into anything, such as sex.

How do you get payback at your brother?

Have sex with his girlfriend.