How do you know if your house is haunted?

Answers (more than one)

You will know if your house is haunted because you may hear footsteps, scratches, moaning and you may even see shadows when nobody is awake, things may go missing but if stuff (bowls move across a counter and fall) don't worry about it because if there is some one in your house hold, normally from ages 9-16, if so much rage or some other strong emotion builds up inside them, and can cause stuff to move.

Was it built on a buriel site?

Do you see ghosts and hear loud noises etc.

Do you hear voices loud bangs a weird feeling like someone is watching you or meaning to cause you harm?

If so, it could be haunted...


You first go into your basement with all the lights off and if you hear voices then your basement is haunted!!! If you want to know if your house is haunted you simply stay up all night and make sure there are absolutely no lights on and that is when you listen for sounds. Most likely there is going to be ghosts out if your house is haunted and no lights are on so if you hear anything like banging noices unless it is someone downstairs then your house is for sure haunted!


Actually, if you have the impression that your house is haunted, you don't need to find out if it really is, just because if stay awake until late and you hear nothing you will still think your house is haunted! I tried staying up until late and I heard nothing. So I still believe my house is haunted!


I'm a Christian, so I know that my house is not haunted, because after you die your soul immediately goes to heaven or hell. There is no staying on earth to say bye or collect things to take with you. But if you make a wrong desision and start witchcraft or praying to the devil, then you will attract demons. If you think you see someone who you knew that has died, it's really just demons trying to trick you. Don't be fooled, because they can do damage to people and even kill you if they wish. If there is any major "haunting" in your house, I suggest you get out of there as soon as possible. But be careful, because although it may seem they want you out of the house, they can follow you no matter where you go. Don't ask me how, I have no clue. But here is some good news, if you're Christian or believe in God, then you know that there is not all evil in the world. Sometimes if you see something and you don't feel threatened or frightened, it could be an angel. And there is nothing scary about angels. If you do feel threatened or scared, if you have been physically touched (shoved, bitten, punched), I suggest you talk to a priest.