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the best thing to do, and I know from experience it is hard but the best thing to do if you suspect things is to not ask anything!!!believe me on this one , if you start asking he will get sneaker and slicker. whats the point in asking , hes not going to tell the truth,it will just give him more reason to want to be with someone else because he will think you are nagging him. men usually act mean when they are being dishonest. the very best thing to do is borrow someone elses car and follow him,do not let him catch you doing this. if he has a cell phone , check it for funny numbers and call the numbers to see who answers, dont say who you are just make up a name to ask for then say you have the wrong number. if you suspect hes calling other women from your home phone or cell phone, push redial after he has used the phone to see who he has called. check your computers history to see what hes doing online. check his car for clues that someone besides him has been there. find out his hours at work by calling his job. most likely hes not coming home on time if hes the dishonest type. these are just a few things that I have done. oh yeah get a small tape recorder and put it in his car, or in your house when you leave to see what hes up to.

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Q: How do you know if your husband is cheating if he has lied about little things in the past and you are worried that if you confront him he will lie again?
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What does it mean a married wife is cheating on her husband?

Shes probably bored of her husband and needs to find someone else. She has to try a little harder with him first, and then if she thinks shell never be able to be with JUST him, she needs to tell him that she has been cheating and why. She needs to explain herself..... and then file for a divorce. Cheating isn't good, if you want to cheat you have to end all other relationships (It technically wouldn't be cheating then, which is good.) ..... Not to be pushy, but Im guessing your either the married wife, the husband, or the best friend?

How do you deal with your husband cheating on you and the other women needs up pregnant?

your question is a little confusing. but honey if he is cheating on you dump him. your a person that has feelings and don't need that crap. you will find someone that want do that to you it isn't fair.

Why does daisy hope her child will be a beautiful fool?

Daisy wants her child to be a beautiful little fool because she doesn't want her daughter to get married and know her husband was cheating on her if he were to like Daisy knows Tom is cheating on her. she wants her daughter to be beautiful so her husband would still want her even if he were to cheat.

If your boyfriend talks to another girl in school is he cheating on you?

No, no and no! If you are worried about your boyfriend to talking to other girls, then you need to back off a little bit because you are too obsessive and protective of him. Of course he can talk to other girls. It's just the way and how he is talking to other girls that you should be worried about.

Your husband has been cheating on you for over a year in here but its funny no one seems to know him can you help his name is roland bell?

I would love to help you, but could you please tell me a little more about what is going on between you and your husband and 'where are you.' Your question was confusing. Thank you

Im worried my husband has a metnal disorder?

Please post under your question and give us a few more details such as how your husband is acting and what age bracket he is in. We'll be able to give you better advice this way. It's impossible to determine anything about your husband's mental state with this little information. Thanks

Can you put the word worried between a and lot?

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What can you do to discover that your boyfriend is cheating?

Hmmm well you could keep track of his behavior a little bit more. If his routine is very different then before, that might be a sign. Well I still think the best thing you can do is just confront him. snooping, checking phones, following'll drive you crazy! just talk to him, don't be too obvious of course (if he's not cheating, he could be upset), but find out where your relationship stands. if you're really convinced that he's cheating, just confront him. If there are no signs that he is, try not to stress too much. stay calm and figure it out slowly. You'll find out either way, these things always come to the surface. good luck

My boyfriend and I have been together 5 years recently he and I have been having less sex is it a sign that he is cheating?

Probably not, he could just be getting a little bored of sex, try spending more time with him doing things you both like doing, and if your still worried about him cheating on you, maybe you don't trust him, or know him enough and he isn't the "one".

Should you be worried that you have a dime sized nodule?

It is difficult to comment with so little information. If you are worried see your local Doctor.

Do you have to pay spousal support if you caught your husband cheating on you with another woman?

Most states have no-fault divorces, meaning that there is little consideration for who is to blame for the divorce. This means you might have to pay spousal support even if your spouse cheated.

Where do you go to get the ticket to little island with out cheating in Pokemon emerald?

never heard of little island. what's on it?

What happens when you are worried?

Your hands start sweating, and you start to shake a little.

Who is raven's husband?

Little Bill

What does it mean to dream your husband is telling you he does not want you anymore and he has another young lady he is in love with?

Dreams are just that ... dreams. If you husband has treated you well and you have trusted him until now you cannot base him cheating on you because of a dream because sometimes dreams are the opposite of what you are dreaming of. For example: You husband could love you very much, but because you realize there are so many marriages where the husband does cheat you are fearful he will cheat on you and this causes some anxiety and people dream to relieve stress of that anxiety. The best thing in a marriage is communication skills so sit down with your husband one night and talk about anything and you might even give a little smile and tell him you had a dream about him cheating. Husband and wife should be able to discuss anything.

What does com- mean the prefix?

STOP cheating little students of mine!

Is Toby cheating Hanna on Pretty Little Liars?

No, He defiantly isn't!

What are the symptoms of a cheating partner?

I don't think we can call it a "symptoms" let's call it a sign because it is a sign or warning or change of behaviour. You are the only one that can tell if your wife or husband is having an affair. just pay attention to the body language, and if your husband or wife acts a little different, then it's time for you to come forward and ask. I'm not sure if the cheating is been going on but if you think something is going on, you need to start talking before it gets worst.

Is your husband cheating at work online he hid a myspace for 3 yrs and had 4 women at work accuse him of sexual harassment he works for my parents?

I feel bad for you. Say Good bye to that little mister. He's not a very good husband. and your parents are not very aware of whats going on im guessing. HE'S a CHEATER. =/

Is it cheating if your husband touch strippers breasts?

I know it can only take one time before our spouse do something stupid, but if this is the first time your husband did this, just give him a little slack. Boys will be boys and if he was with his friends hanging out that will be the cost of it. Let just say that men are like cats, they're very intrigue and curious.

Do you have a right to discipline your husband's little sister if your husband is her guardian?

If your husband is his sister's guardian and has given you permission to do so then you can, but it is better for him to be the one in charge.

The definition of cheating on a girl?

If it feels like you're doing something wrong, you're cheating. Cheating begins with something as little as going out with other people. Although its not a huge offense, you're still not exactly being faithful are you?

How do you find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you?

well first is your boyfriend acting weird around you or is he talking less to you? If he is that might be a possible sign that hes cheating. Second is he all over you more than he was in front of his friends? If those three signs are happening he might be. But girls DONT BE AFRIAD TO ASK! My boyfriend a couple years ago wasnt talking to me as much as he did in the begging, so i had one of my friends be my little detective and ask him if he was cheating on me. Of couse he said no but, i was still worried. I told my older sister (older syblings help A LOT) what was going on and she said just ask him face to face( if you ask over the phone you cant tell if he looks worried) so the next day at school i asked him and he never was cheating on me. So don't be afriad to ask and mabey even have him sit down to talk with you. Hope everything works out!

Is it cheating if its in a different zip code?

Better be a little more specific: is what cheating? Are we talking income taxes, marital infidelity (yes, it's cheating if it's anywhere in the world), inappropriate help with homework, or what? No kind of cheating that I know of allows dispensations based on zip codes.

Should a woman confront her husband if she suspects he is cheating or wait until she has definitive evidence?

If you confront him, what do you think he will say? He isn't really going to admit it and get in trouble and probably end his marriage is he? Not very likely. You should get evidence first. People who don't want to know the truth-ask their spouse. Why? Because it is almost certain that he/she will assure you, in every way way can, that they are not cheating and life will continue as normal. If you REALLY want to know-You find out how! Also, if you confront him. How will you know if they are lying? Do you really know how to tell when someone is lying? Did you know (this one is almost common knowledge) that liars will often look directly in your eyes whilst lying? If you ask a suspected cheating lying spouse whether they are cheating on you to you, and expect honesty from them. You probably don't want to hear the truth. Why do you think he's cheating? In my experience, when there's smoke, there's usually a fire about to break out. By the response to "is it cheating if the girl is an ex-prostitute"? Yes! Cheating is cheating no matter who it is! Rather than 'Confront' I'd recomend using the word converse. To confront him means that he is already guilty and the conversation will be one sided. He will get backed into a corner, with little room to escape. If the shoe was on the other foot, Is this how you would want him to deal with you? You don't win by putting people down, you win by being able to resolve an issue of the past. That's how you can move forward. You cannot change history, why would you want to constantly have to deal with it? I am in a situation now where my husband of 2.5 yrs may be cheating. I am going to do my research..... I am checking phone records going back at least 6 months, I am verifing these numbers via the internet. I will call these women and get answers, and checking his where abouts without him knowing. Then when I feel I am satisfied I will present my evidence; at that point he can tell the truth or this marriage is over. Getting answers will take time, but I am willing to do it right. By the way men are liars. so DO NOT believe anything they tell you. FIND things out on your own! Would you charge a criminal without sufficient evidence to obtain a conviction and rely on their integrity to be forthcoming with the truth when challenged on the suspicion of having committed an offence? Obtain the EVIDENCE you need to satisfy yourself of infidelity -- and save yourself listening to endless excuses, lies and denials. I would tell him how she/you feel. And tell him why you feel that way. But they say, if you suspect its going on, usually it is. Im sorry.