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How do you know if your in love or obsessed with a guy?

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2008-04-11 23:58:05

Believe me, you'll know. He'll be on your mind 24/7 if you are

obsessed with him, you will constantly talk about him (just because

you like to hear his name perhaps). Everything will remind you of

him but whereas in love it will remind you of the good, here it may

be negative things as well as the good, and it could be any random

thing that reminds you of him even if there's no logical link as to

why) . Also i think that you would behave in a way you would never

have done before, like done things you regret or that are in your

nature. And the feeling of love is the feeling that you would put

the other person before you in every aspect of your life, you would

do anything for them. Just hearing their name makes you smile,

seeing their face brightens your day, and here's a good one, you

start to miss them as soon as they're out of your sights because

you can't bear to be without them. I think the main difference

between love and obsession is where, in love, you behave the way

you do happily because it's for your guy but with obsession you may

regret your actions later on, thinking 'why the hell did i do

that?' When your obsessed you can't stop talking about them or

think about them =)

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