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How do you know if your tongue is long enough to pierce?


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I am a professional piercer and as long as the piercer is comfortable with piercing a tongue that short, then it IS ok. I have pierced many tongues that could not extend past the teeth or lip. They have healed up fine as well, and no signs of rejection occurred, though the likelihood of rejection raises significantly the closer to the tip of the tongue you are.


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a giraffe's tongue is black and is long enough to reach it's ears

I really have no clue, but please, don't pierce your tongue! It can cause many dental problems, like receding gums, a swollen tongue, and it's especially painful. Nobody uses and pain-number when piercing tongues. The tongue ring can also scratch the enamel off teeth, causing you to get a ton of cavities and eventually your tooth to fall out. It can also cause tooth pain. If you pierce a nerve or a vain, your tongue could swell so much you would suffocate (it happens pretty often), or your tongue would permanently hurt so long as you kept the ring on. Seriously, do not pierce your tongue!!!!!!Even though some of the above is correct, it doesnt really answer the question.Don't pierce your tongue yourself. You risk infection, disease contraction, and severe blood loss. Go to a professional and they'll know where to pierce it.

The functions of a tongue depressor is to keep the tongue down long enough to examine the throat area and glands

Of course not :/ No way is it long enough to fit right in a tongue piercing

A chicken's tongue is not long enough for them to lick. It is there to assist in swallowing.

No, a chicken cannot lick. The tongue of a chicken is not long enough to lick anything. The tongue is used to help them swallow.

It doesn't take long before a new tongue pierce hole closes because when you open and close your mouth your hole in you tongue just gets used to having nothing in it so i would say about 24 hours before it closes.

Old enough to fully understand all the implications of having this done.In the United States, for the most part, the legal age is 18 without a parent or guardian.that is dangerous the stud or whatever you have in your tongue could fall out and you could choke on it getting your tongue pierced is stupid ears yes but tongue that's fool heartyIt is not dangerous as long as you tighten the ball everynight.The ball is also not big enough to choke on. If you know how to care for it is very safe16 is a standard basic age for tongue piercing with parental consent. No one will pierce a tongue younger than that due to the level of facialdevelopment. The jaw and face are still growing and changes are still occurring orally, so piercing a tongue younger than 16 is professionally wrong.

As long as everything is sterile, and you relax your tongue and don't move it when they pierce it.By a good, safe, professional piercer? Yes. Otherwise - No. Some people's tongues may not be suitable (based on how their veins go, etc.) or the person him/herself might not be a good candidate (like if the person is a hemophiliac!) and a good piercer would refuse to pierce such a tongue/person.

3/4 of an inch from the tip of the tongue, too far back will require a very long barbell and the swelling can be dangerous not to mention the chances of triggering the gag reflex.

Only about 15% of adults have a tongue long enough to reach the tip. About 80% of adults have tongues that reach the lower nostrils.

as long as an elephant tongue

No. The ear piercing gun and stud are designed to be used on earlobes only. The tongue is a complex group of two major muscles joined by connective tissue and convered by over 10,000 tastebuds and pain receptors. Tongue piercing is intended to go between the muscle groups at least* (*at minimum) to a depth of 3/4 of an inch from the tip of the tongue. The ear piercing gun will not have the reach nor will the studs be long enough to allow for the swelling the will take place after the piercing is done.

Gene Simmons' tongue is about 6-7 inches long. Don't ask me how I know....His tongue is over seven inches long. check out the bio, under Trivia heading, one sentence. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0005430/bio

An anteater's tongue is two feet long.

As long as you want your tongue to be pierced for.

dolphins have a long tongue but it can not retract from its mouthage.

WikiAnswers is not a venue to provide "how to" information that can lead to serious personal injury. Seek the assistance of a professional body piercer.

Yes, your tongue can dry out. It is due to holding your tongue out for to long or holding your mouth open to long.

Orcas have an extremely long, pink tongue, which is 3 feet long!

What? That sounds like an awfully stupid thing to try to do, and no, I highly doubt it would pierce it all the way through, though it might puncture the skin a little and give you a nice infection. What on earth are you doing to yourself?

The average human tongue is 4 inches long.

A giraffe's tongue can be up to 20 inches long!

Gene Simmons' tongue is about 6-7 inches long. His tongue is over seven inches long.

I've been playing for A LONG time on that website, here's the REAL answer you can't pierce your ears. You'll never pierce your ears on PetPet Park. It's been two years old and I know there's NO way to pierce your ears, believe me.

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