Abusive Relationships and Domestic Violence

How do you know if your wife is an abuser?

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March 15, 2012 1:14AM

Abuse is...

  • Her incessant criticism about the man on a personal, such as...
You are ugly.

Nobody but me loves you - look at you!

And other general remarks meant to hurt your feelings.

  • Vicious mockery
  • Emotional blackmail
  • Odious lies
  • Name-calling such as: "You're an idiot"
  • Physical Abuse (hitting, throwing objects, stabbing, strangling, etc)
  • Withholding needs (shelter, food, water, etc)
  • Frequent belittling and humiliating you in front of the children, co-workers or friends.
  • Peddling guilt on a CONSTANT basis.
  • Damaging or blocking your career,
  • False accusations to the police.

HOW DO YOU RECOGNIZE IT? When she really-really swings into action, you going to feel like she has all the power, you have no power, and you're losing your mind! You will get very upset! You will have trouble with your short term memory, you will feel like a prisoner, and you won't understand the situation you're in! This can go so far that you might start thinking that you need to get yourself checked for dementia! I was in an abusive relationship Counselling Helped but the first thing you need to do is recognise you are being abused.Its important to remember that it is the abuser that has the problem & that they are using you to express that.The Police & others often view abused Men with little tact,but this is because others can be very judgemental.It is important to work on improving your self-esteem.If you are on your own at least you will be safe & not have constant anxiety.Your abuser will try to isolate you from your friends & family,to make you more dependent on them or even manipulate you via them.Remember Blood is Thicker than Water.