Abusive Relationships and Domestic Violence

How do you know if your wife is an abuser?

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Abuse is...

  • Her incessant criticism about the man on a personal, such as...
You are ugly.

Nobody but me loves you - look at you!

And other general remarks meant to hurt your feelings.

  • Vicious mockery
  • Emotional blackmail
  • Odious lies
  • Name-calling such as: "You're an idiot"
  • Physical Abuse (hitting, throwing objects, stabbing, strangling, etc)
  • Withholding needs (shelter, food, water, etc)
  • Frequent belittling and humiliating you in front of the children, co-workers or friends.
  • Peddling guilt on a CONSTANT basis.
  • Damaging or blocking your career,
  • False accusations to the police.

HOW DO YOU RECOGNIZE IT? When she really-really swings into action, you going to feel like she has all the power, you have no power, and you're losing your mind! You will get very upset! You will have trouble with your short term memory, you will feel like a prisoner, and you won't understand the situation you're in! This can go so far that you might start thinking that you need to get yourself checked for dementia! I was in an abusive relationship Counselling Helped but the first thing you need to do is recognise you are being abused.Its important to remember that it is the abuser that has the problem & that they are using you to express that.The Police & others often view abused Men with little tact,but this is because others can be very judgemental.It is important to work on improving your self-esteem.If you are on your own at least you will be safe & not have constant anxiety.Your abuser will try to isolate you from your friends & family,to make you more dependent on them or even manipulate you via them.Remember Blood is Thicker than Water.

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How What if your ex husband abuser get remarried and look not abuser to new wife?

Give him time. He will.

Is it possible to forgive your husband when he sexually assaulted your fourteen year old niece?

It is possible to forgive anything but that doesn't mean forgetting. I would not want a rapist / child abuser as a husband. They will only attack again. A wife of a child abuser isn't a real wife.

What is an animal abuser called?

Animal Abuser or Animal Cruelty Abuser

Is it normal for a victim who has figured out her abuser to want to scream 'You are an abuser and you need serious help' during an argument?

Not to scream it, but definitely let them know

What is an emotional abuser?

An emotional abuser is someone who is constantly belittling another. Example: If a husband is an emotional abuser he will call his wife every dirty thing in the book; tell her she is ugly or fat; not a good cook; not a good mother, etc., to lower her self worth and self esteem. It is a form of control the emotional abuser needs and they have generally learned this pattern of behavior from the environment in which they grew up.

Catherine Roerva Pelzer?

Catherine Roerva Christen Pelzer was a mom,wife,daughter and abuser. she abused her 4 children while her oldest didnt get beat. she was a wondeeful till bout when david was 5 then she became an abuser.

How does a narissistic nental abuser twist things so people think the victim is the abuser?

They do it very skilfully. It means that they must be able to know how to put on a convincing act.

Why are children abused by people they know?

No one is sure why children are abused by people they know. There are tons of possabilities the ones most likely is 1.The abuser had a bad child hood/was abused 2. The abuser thinks it is right (it isnt) 3. The abuser hates the child If you know some one who is abused, help them.You could even phone the police or child line

If the father is not even living in Canada with wife and kids does he still get the custody?

As compared to what? Is the mother a child abuser? It depends on the circumstances.

If your wife keeps yelling at you to get you do do something until you get mad and yell harsh words to get her to stop are you a abuser?

yes and no. you should tell her to stop, but kindly . but whatever reason could possibly make her push you? That's the reason she could be the abuser

Are there certain situations where an abuser needs to be forced into an abuser program rather than having the final decision be left up to him such as children being involved?

I don't know all the law but here in UK abusers can be ordered by a court to undertake an abuser programme.

How do you handle abusive relationships?

I was dealing with one myself and the only choice I had was to stop hiding. Usually in a abusive environment, the abuser will force you not to tell. The only obvious answer is to do exactly the opposite of what the abuser tells you. Make sure you do it when your alone and when he won't find out. If the abuser is in physical contact with you then you should tell police or a person you trust that can do it for you( without the abuser knowing). Get out of the house, if you have children then get them out as well, go to a friend/ family member that the abuser doesn't know about. If the abuser knows all your family members and friends then go to a hotel ( bring money ) and make sure there is no trace of evidence that the abuser will pick up and know your there. Once at the hotel, call the police. If your married then tell someone how you feel about your abusive partner and consider a divorce.

The power relationship between the abuser and the victim?

The victim has no power or they would not be abused. The abuser always has the control. Children and the elderly are victimized often in society as well as men and women. The abuser will start out by abusing psychologically and 'put down' their victim until they leave their victim confused with no self confidence. The abuser may threaten to leave their victim (this is terrifying to the elderly); leave the wife and take the children; talk of killing the victim or anyone that is close to them. The abuser often isolates their victim so their victim has no family or friends to turn too and they have to suffer in silence and depend on their abuser.

Was David Pelzer a child abuser?

No he is not a child abuser.

If you unintentionally make your spouse afraid one time during an argument Should you be labelled an abuser considering it was not intended and an Abuser knowingly repeats his Abusive ways?

Well if its UNintended, then no it doesn't make you a abuser. The abuser continues his abusive ways even after it's been brought up to him or her. Just be sure to talk to your spouse about this problem. Let them know that you are sorry for what you did and you did not mean to do it.

Why does a drug abuser take drugs?

Who would want to know about that? Look it up on other websites.

What actors and actresses appeared in Women Who Kill - 1983?

The cast of Women Who Kill - 1983 includes: Brian Syron as The Wife Abuser

How do you answer a question by an abuser if you know whatever answer you give will invoke violence?

answer without bias - this will not invoke anger or answer with confusion

When was Love Your Abuser created?

Love Your Abuser was created on 2007-01-30.

What is the definition of an abuser?

An abuser is someone who attacks people with words, violence, or neglection. An abuser is also some who uses something axcessively or is addicted to something.

How do you know if you are an abuser like your wife says you are?

You could be a mental or physical abuser to your wife. If you call her names constantly, always remind her of how stupid she is; she can't cook well; is ugly; put her down constantly in front of your friends, etc., or you shove, push, hit or beat her (causing injuries to her body) you are an abuser. Even if you try to control her by threats of violence you are an abuser. An abuser is all about control. It's usually learned behavior within their own family or they have been excessively spoiled. An abuser wants control simply because he or she does not have control and the odd thing is .... even if you beat your victim (yes, that's right ... the abused is a victim) you will never totally own that person. You can beat them, terrify them, but you will never own their soul! Abusers need to control the environment around them and have everyone do their bidding. Since most of society would tell the abuser to "hit the road" the only one that the abuser has under their control is his girlfriend/wife and perhaps children. Abusers are actually weak of character and they know it. Within an abuser there is rage. It could be they were beaten themselves and had no control over the situation, they could have been bullied at school or didn't fit in. There are many reasons. There is psychiatric help to get to the bottom of the rage the abuser feels if they so decide to seek it out. If you feel you are abusive or you have problems that you can't resolve please seek out a good psychologist (does not prescribe medications) or a psychiatrist (they can prescribe medications.) There are also groups you can join so you don't feel so alienated. Please get the help! If you don't it will eventually all catch up to you and you can actually go to prison for physically abusing a partner (that includes women abusing men.) If you drink try and stop. If you do drugs the same applies. These two social beings do nothing to help your situation. I am proud you have come to this board to figure out if you are an abuser. It takes guts! Now that your post has been answered you have to decide if you are an abuser (be honest with yourself) and if you are please use that courage to seek out help. Good luck Marcy The answer about abuse is incorrect,,each person in a relationship has a role, its necessary to follow those responsibilities or the relationship will fail.

Is assault common after the abuser probabtion ends?

If you ask this question, its because you are worried, if you are worried, its because you KNOW its going to happen again. GET AWAY from the ABUSER, is the ONLY answer, go find yourself a GREAT guy that would NEVER hit you.

Why does an abuser abuse?

- Jealousy , Control Issues , They See Themselves As The Victim They Just Want To Control Something That They Know They Can Control .

What are the evils of the computer?

The computer in and of itself is not evil, it is an inanimate object. The user is the abuser and it is the abuser who causes the evil.

Will my boyfriend be an abuser if he yells at his mom?

Answer:The Boyfriend might become an abuser, but in the long run he will learn from his mistakes and i believe no, he will not become an abuser, if you feel like your being abused walk away =3