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How do you know of your boyfriend loves you?


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If you feel loved by him then he loves you.


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if your boyfriend loves you he will do anything to help you or he would do anything for you if he loves you he will stare at you and or he will hold your hand and that kind of stuff!

You can experience yourself when he loves back to you.

You know when your boyfriend loves you when you don't have to ask, you simply know with the ways he shows you.

he will show it and you have a special bond.

If you knew he did, you would not ask.

He actually goes to twilight with you

He will tell you how special you are to him. He will want to always be with you. If your boyfriend truly loves you he will tell you "I Love You".

Try to trust him. If he loves you he will stay with you forever and make a future with you.

He won't ditch you for his friends

If your boyfriend treats you right- then you know he loves you. It doesn't matter what he says- it matters what he does!

The truth is, you can never know. He may give you clues that convince you that he cares about you, or that you are important to him. You can trust him when he tells you that he loves you. But, you can never know.

you know if he still does if he talks to you and listen and under stands

If your boyfriend includes you in family outings and spends a lot of time with you, he cares.

If he give you something suddenly, and maybe treat you.

Yes, if you love your boyfriend and he loves you truly. Then your boyfriend will not pressure you into anything, such as sex.

you will know your boyfriend trust you if he will let you hang with other guys and let you do what you want and what makes you happy. and he will trust you if he loves you

Your boyfriend chose you and if he's sweet and does nice things for you as well as remembers your birthday and other special occasions such as Christmas, etc., then he loves you for whom you are.

You can know this if he keeps his promises. If he appreciates you, buys you gift and reciprocates love.

You'll know your boyfriend loves you when he holds your hand in front of his friends.

Say to him that you love him and wait for him to say it back. You'll feel it when he loves you back.

i will know if my boyfriend loves me though he wants me to jealous because he also wants to if i also love him if I've jealous about i really love him if not i did'NT love him that's why

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