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You can know that someone is chatting on Gmail by status. If the status is busy, that means that they are chatting. If it is available that means they can chat.

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Q: How do you know someone is chatting on Gmail?
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What is the green video camera beside someone's name on gmail?

The green video camera can be used to do video chatting. It is i.e. video chatting completely free of cost on Gmail. You can do it with any person who has a camera.

Is chatting on Gmail safe?

Well, the only way it WOULDN'T be safe is if someone was reading over the person you're chatting with or your own shoulder, or if someone knew the password to either of your accounts.

Is Gmail good for chatting?

Yes it is.

How to have a chat on Gmail?

Chatting on Gmail is done through their IM. The name of IM of Google is Google Hangouts. It can be used for chatting to friends or groups.

How can you do chating with your friends on gmail?

Chatting on Gmail can be done via Hangouts. Hangouts is a way of one to one chatting. Earlier is was known as Google Now.

Any issues with Gmail chat?

No, there are no issues with Gmail Chat. It is a perfectly good application for chatting. The amount of users chatting with this application are way too many.

How do you do a group chat in Gmail Chat?

To group chat, when you are chatting with someone, press "options". Also, there is a button that says "group chat". Then you type in the third persons' gmail address.

Can you surf the internet with Gmail?

No, Gmail is not for Internet Surfing or things like that. It is primarily for sending and receiving mails. Chatting can also be done on Gmail.

What are the negative impacts for the online chatting?

Some negative impacts for online chatting are: giving out too much personal information, chatting with people you do not know or do not know well, possibly chatting with someone who might cause you harm, etc.

What do you make a your Gmail?

Gmail is an account of Google where you manage your mails. It can also used for chatting with google friends. The Gmail account is a place for mailing services.

How can you do video chat?

Depends on what you are on. If you are on Gmail You must first download voice and video chat which can be done when chatting with a friend. If you are on Skype call someone's Skype number. I don't know be more specific! What website are you talking about?

How do you make a call on Gmail?

You cannot make a call on Gmail. Gmail is a pure mailing and chatting service.It could be done via other calling applications.

How to find someone on Gmail?

GMail is an e-mail service provider and not a social networking site. You cannot search for people using GMail. You can communicate with someone on GMail only if you already know their e-mail address.

How can you see who someone is chatting with?

can u see who someone is chatting with on oovoo

How do you know if someone has filtered you on gmail?

There is no such option to view that. Privacy is Gmail does not provide that. You cannot look who filtered you and when.

How do you Gmail chat on ipod touch?

You can chat on Gmail using the Hangouts. It is the official Instant Messaging app of Gmail. You can start chatting on that using iPod touch too.

How you know your frends Gmail password?

because they told you/someone???

How do you instant message in Gmail?

Instant message in Gmail is Hangouts. The hangouts is a one to one chatting system. It was called as Google Now earlier.

How connect video chating in Gmail?

Video chatting can be directly connected in Gmail. You have to open the chat of the person. After opening, you can click on the video sign to get started.

How can you do legal video chat in Oman?

Video chat on Gmail is legal. You can do it via Gmail chat or Gtalk. Hangouts is the latest name of the chatting system.

What does chatting mean with a person?

Chatting means to talk with someone.

How do you turn on voice chat on Gmail?

Voice chat can be turned on via a microphone. The microphone enables us to chat on Gmail. The Hangouts is the application which enables chatting.

Is gtalk like chatting on Gmail?

Yes, Gtalk or Google talk is the IM of Google. IM stands for Instant Messaging as terminology. It is a chatting system introduced by Google Developers.

How do you speak to someone at Gmail?

i don't completely understand your question but i will do my best to answer it, If you are talking about video chatting then you will need to install the video chat software onto your computer. If you wish to talk to Gmail support, go via the 'contact us' link.

What is good free software for video chatting?

skype gmail chatvideo