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Because our respiratory system is part of our breathing and we all breath faster when we do exercise because the oxygen needs to get to the muscles quicker. Exercise also makes you fitter, so you will see an improvement on the respiratory system because your breathing will be more controlable... Therefore exercise defently effects the respiratory system :)

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Upper respiratory infection, bronchitis, pneumonia, flu and H1N1 all affect the respiratory system when infected.what are some of the respiratory system disease who ever know just tell now.pneumonia,lung cancer,asthma,emphysema

so that they can breath. If you do not know the respiratory system is used for breathing

Good respiratory system imoroves digestive system. People who does pranayama will know the results

NO!!!!!!!! respiratory system is for breathing. good question though, i would've asked that if i didnt know

the respiratory system provides O2 to cells in the digestive system which lets them liveI don't know, just google it!

the worst thing for the respiratory system is smoking. Go the eHOW link and you will find all you need to know.

i don't know but its part of the respiratory system

i dont know everything is wrong in the world

It is in order to have a proper understanding of how our body works. It is also to teach us how to value these organs which are part of our respiratory system.

i dont know the respiratory system is comped

I think so, but I definitely know that too much exercise can harm the heart.

Respiratory technician school will go by much faster if you know information about the lungs and the diseases that can affect the lungs. You should learn as much as you can about breathing treatments and ailments with the circulatory system in order to succeed in the class. It is also a good idea to learn about the different anatomical parts of the circulatory and respiratory system.

i dont know you tell me the respiratory system gets air in and separates oxygen with carbon dioxide and then the circulatory system takes the oxygen and circulates the oxygen around your body

listen i know who you are bella im comin

The brain gets oxygen from the respiratory system. The nervous system controls the respiratory system by using the Vagus nerve. There are also nerves in the vascular system which act as sensors and measure blood gases so the brain will know how to control the breathing and what hormones need released.

I sincerely suggest that you should describe your question more specifically because diseases of many kinds could have developed in human respiratory system and I don't know what problem is bothering you.

yes other wise they wouldn't be able to BREATH you know lungs

the respiratory system is the system in the human body that helps u breathe. the function is that when u breathe in oxygen fills the lungs and when u breathe out u release carbon dioxide and it contract I AM A CHILD AND I KNOW THIS!YAY FOR ME!

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