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If you still try to impress the person and he or she pays no attention, that means it's over. But stay alert; they may call you in a few weeks, months, or even years. You never know. But waiting is a bad idea, so start dating again. Leave him/her in the dust if s/he doesn't love you. It's over when the person avoids you. Like when they see you they make sure there is limited or no eye contact. They will avoid having to talk to you. Secret: ignore THEM. This drives people crazy. No eye contact, talking, or long mournful "secret" looks or furtive glances. They know you are looking, and they partly like that. So, ignore them completely and there may be a change of heart sooner or later. If they don't respond to that, then you know for sure.

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Q: How do you know that it's over for good and that your ex doesn't still have some kind of feelings for you?
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No one is sure of their feelings about the opposite sex unless they date and get to know each other. Time to give it a shot and either you are really going to like him or you won't. The same applies to him. Just take it slow and easy. Good luck Marcy Ofcourse, if he asked you out he must like you and if you are still not sure you will know when he takes you out but make sure it is the right choice and he is not the kind of guy that would get you all dressed up and excited then doesnt turn up

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